Santa Barbara Community Collections

What's a collection?
Ed believes that the sum of the parts is often bigger than the whole. (He also believes in Big Foot and the Easter Bunny.) Below are picture collections of different things in town (from Carp to Goleta). Some of the pictures were taken by the dedicated staff of Some of the pictures were sent in by dedicated readers like you. The end product is a bunch of cool photo galleries showing off unique and interesting aspects of our great community.

We would like your help building our collection!
First, take a picture of something cool in your neck of the woods that fits into a category below. Then, email your photo to In a matter of hours, your picture will be online and ready for viewing. You'll even be able to send your photo to others in an online postcard! So, look at the photos, submit your photos, suggest new categories, and have fun!

* When submitting photos, please identify the local neighborhood where they were taken.

The dedicated staff had a quick walkaround at this year's i madonnari event.  Artists were hard at work on their gorgeous creations, the band was playing, people were dancing, and it was a beautiful day!  

Hiking in Gaviota

Edhat loves sunsets! Here's our photo collection of all sunsets

There is something colorful blooming at all times of the year.

Some people receive their mail in style.

Throw in some coins and make a wish.