Pain Management • Relaxation & Restoration

Pain Management • Relaxation & Restoration
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I take a no agenda, integrative approach to bodywork.
My integrative approach to massage therapy combines elements of classic Swedish, deep tissue, craniosacral, trigger point, lymphatic drainage, reflexology and other modalities.

Neuromuscular Therapy
For chronic pain, neck and back pain, sports injury, range of motion, and postural improvement. Includes neuromuscular and range of motion assessment

TMJ Syndrome Therapy
TMJ therapy is a targeted Neuromuscular therapy to specifically address those suffering from suffering from jaw pain, clicking, locking, headaches, and other issues.

Integrative Therapy
By combining several different modalities, I tailor a massage therapy session that brings deep relaxation and address specific areas of need.

Prenatal Massage Therapy
Modifying my approach to integrative massage to address the needs of expectant mothers.

Bodywork can help undo what your hard work has done to you through postural improvement, pain relief, and stress reduction.

Located across from the picturesque Andree Clark Bird Refuge near Santa Barbara’s East Beach, Modern Bodywork provides one of the coolest massage settings in Santa Barbara and Montecito. Vintage mid-century furnishings and décor give the space a vibe you won’t find anywhere else. Add a generously padded electric lift massage table and face cradle, along with choice of music and you find it the perfect place to relax, refresh and restore yourself.

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