The Parent Penalty and Its Economic Loss to Employers

The Parent Penalty and Its Economic Loss to Employers title=
The Parent Penalty and Its Economic Loss to Employers
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Wednesday, November 17, 2021 - 18:00

For years we have discussed the “Mommy Penalty” and the negative effect it has had on women’s careers.  The pandemic has highlighted that our workplace culture isn’t friendly to women or men with children. While it is now common for all caregivers in a family to work full-time, society and our support structure have not kept up. All working parents and caregivers are struggling with choices that will have long-term effects in workplace culture and economic productivity. Companies work hard to bring capable employees in at the ground floor only to watch them exit the workforce just as they are coming into their professional peak. Are we missing an opportunity here?

Successfully Navigated Career and Parenting

Hear from someone who has made it!  This speaker not only navigated the challenges of bringing up children while driving a high-powered career, testing different approaches to supporting her employees.  With the benefit of hindsight, she can share the keys to success and take the long view to look into the future.
Knows the Issues This speaker knows how to help organizations support their working parents.  She has worked over 20 years in the child care field helping businesses and organizations design and implement child care initiatives. Having raised four kids, she also knows the challenges of being a working parent. She can share the numerous insights gathered throughout her career.
Living it Right Now These dual-career couples are in the middle of it right now.  While the previous generations freed us from role-based expectations on career and childcare, the current generation does not have a road map on how to best navigate these same questions.  These couples share and discuss their varied considerations and solutions to navigating this time of life.

Who is this program for? 

  • High-performing professionals looking for solutions in balancing career and home demands
  • Leaders interested in building bench strength and diversity in their leadership team 
  • Businesses focused on attracting and retaining talent through their changing life stages
  • Young professionals exploring alternatives as they plan their careers and family goals

Participants will receive: 

  • Ideas and strategies for balancing a high-powered career and parenthood or other home demands
  • Suggestions for leaders who wish to retain their high-value employees through their life stages 
  • Real-life stories about opportunities and challenges  
  • Awareness of the decisions and options that exist

Join us on Wednesday, November 17, 2021.

This program will be moderated by Astrid McNellis, Program Manager for Terumo BCT, and Secretary and Board Member of Ventech.


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