Rock Away the Year and Support Local Businesses

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Rock Away the Year and Support Local Businesses
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Saturday, September 5, 2020 - 22:00
Rock the Year Away Comedy Show
Saturday, September 5th, 2020
10pm - 12am
Virtually Promoted, Locally Hosted (Tune in, In Your home) 

Because 2020 has been a little rocky we wanted to Rock the Year Away - and what better way to do that than with comedy, cocktails, and curated packages!

2020 hasn’t really been a great year for anyone and quite frankly nothing about this year has made sense, we have had a global pandemic, killer bees, floods, tornados, toilet paper shortages, so why should we wait for a date on a calendar to dictate when we celebrate?

September 5th seemed as good a time as any to Rock the Year Away and countdown to a better tomorrow! We have an all star lineup for this show, Anthony Davis who currently has the number 1 best selling comedy album on Amazon and has been on NBC and won the 2019 San Diego Comedy Festival, JC Coccoli an award winning producer, writer, and comedienne seen on CBS, Comedy Central FunnyorDie, Camilla Clease an 805 celebrity, actress, writer and seasoned comedienne, Cayla Komarow is a professional theatre and film actress and UCB performer who has had to postpone her nuptials at the Orchid Ranch until 2021, and Lukas Arnold a professional voiceover actor, comedian, and certified on TikTok, all hosted by Bear Cave Comedy Productions Founder and central coast local Sam Bear. 

We are thrilled to be joining forces with Dylan Star to offer specialty crafted party packages for this event that all feature 805 community made products! We have thoughtfully designed three tiers so you can decide how you want to Rock the Year Away as we highlight some Santa Barbara favorites in each curated package. We are all going to be able to rock together from the comfort of our own homes, with these party packages, honestly no set up, just pop open and party!

We offer a party lite package that is $55, a rockstar package at $75, and a rock and recovery package with everything you will need to party the night away and rejuvenate come daylight at $150 - this VIP package also comes with a personalized mention or shout out of your choice during the show. Each package includes your deluxe ticket to the party and has everything you need to Rock the Year Away, with cocktail mixers, luxury snacks, party favors and more! 

Be sure to dig deep into your closet  and toss your leggings and sweatpants into the hamper because we are also going to be having a costume contest for the best Rock’n Roll costume of the night! The winner will get a $100 gift card to Dylan Star which has a beautiful collection of clothing and accessories for anyone!

This is going to be a night of comedy, costumes, community rock and roll, and of course will have the quintessential countdown at midnight to cheers to a Rock’n tomorrow! This is the party we have all been waiting for and need - together - apart we are going to Rock the Year Away! Tickets can be purchased up until August 26th to ensure delivery by the night of the event, but if you purchase afterwards you can still party it up you just might get your rock n roll materials after the show - way to carry on the festivities you party animal you!

A few goodies you’ll find in all of our rockstar-worthy packages: Twenty-Four Blackbirds Chocolate Bars, SB Roasting Co. Coffee, El Guapo Craft Cocktail Mixers, Wine Outside Reusable Wine Glasses,  Zen of Slow Cooking Multi-Cooker Seasonings, and I'm Pomegranate Mask Sheets from Dylan Star. 

About Bear Cave Comedy:

Samantha Bearman, more affectionately referred to as Sam Bear, hails from the riviera of the west coast, Santa Barbara, CA. She has traveled the world, competed for Jimmy Kimmel’s Funniest College Student in America, and was a semi-finalist in the 2019 Ventura Harbor Comedy Festival.

She delivers her take on millennial dating, sex, family, how she can have a master's degree, professional career, and 3 side hustles and still not be able to afford sand on the beach; with a relatable quality that will make you feel she's your best friend keeping it 100. But please don't believe everything she says.

She has also used comedy as a way to bring the community together for a cause, producing sold out comedy and variety shows that raised money for organizations including the Alzheimer's Association, Planned Parenthood and the American Heart Association. She has now pivoted her production Bear Cave Comedy into successful online events branching out into Comedians in Your Kitchen, Comedy Classes, as well as All star Comedy Shows.

To learn more, visit the website at

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