You Can’t Outlive a Yew Tree

By Bob Silverman

Here is an image of our 40 plus year old YEW TREE. A fun tree to study.

Many are found in the central coast of California. A popular tree through out England. They can live up to a thousand years or more. What have these trees seen?

We enjoy looking at ours every day. We have never had our watering system connected to the tree. It seems to take care of us with regard to having a great tree to greet people coming to our front door.


Here is some background information on YEW TREES. Reading this inspired me to send in my image and short report. 


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    • I found the last sentence in the link above interesting (to say the least!):
      “This article was amended on 30 September 2019 to clarify that while the flesh of yew berries is edible, the seeds inside are poisonous.”
      sort of “implies” the the berries are ok just don’t consume the seeds? Not that I want to test the theory of just spit’n out the seeds:)?

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