Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

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Is there anything that can be done if you find out nonessential businesses are staying open and not following the shutdown?

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Pugluvr1912 Mar 27, 2020 02:23 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

Under Newsoms order, restaurants that serve food may stay open, but may ONLY provide take-out or delivery of food. No in-restaurant dining is allowed. Patrons may also not dine or picnic on patios or outdoor tables at the restaurant.

Pugluvr1912 Mar 26, 2020 05:51 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

This is why I’m calling for reporting of violations https://www.edhat.com/news/one-person-hospitalized-as-covid-19-cases-increase-to-32

Chip of SB Mar 26, 2020 04:52 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

During the next month or so, we will learn what the human cost of this virus will be. However, I fear the worst of the consequences of the Corona virus will be caused by our reaction rather than the virus itself. The extent of the economic damage we are causing right now is not yet visible, but it is going to be severe. I believe the economic devastation that follows the Corona virus has the potential to claim far more lives than the virus. I understand the basis for criticizing those who continue working, but in the the fullness of time we may find the cure was worse than the disease.

Chip of SB Mar 26, 2020 06:46 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

What misinformation? All I said was there is a lot we don't know. We are closing the economy in order to reduce the loss of life form the Corona virus by an amount that can't be quantified. We don't know what the loss of life would be if we did nothing, or if we pursued other strategies. I think it is also important to consider the impact that our economic self destruction will have and what loss of life it might cause. Some would say we should write off economics when human life is at stake. I agree with that sentiment, but I don't think it's that simple. One could make a strong case that the great depression caused world war II. Economic cost can lead to significant human cost. I'm not saying that our current strategy of "social isolation" is right or wrong. I am only pointing out the extent to which "social isolation" will save lives that would otherwise be claimed by the virus is unknown, and the extent to which it will cost lives due to unforeseen consequences is also unknown.

Pugluvr1912 Mar 26, 2020 03:39 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

If anyone knows of any business violating the rules, it is ok to call them out by posting the name here. We have to call them out to protect the health and safety of the community.

Icre84U Mar 25, 2020 02:24 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

I know many small businesses that are devastated financially by the unexpected loss in sales. Number 1 problem is making rent payments, many landlords have refused to negotiate any rent reduction/forbearance. And some I know have already written threatening letters to business owners in response to request for rent relief. So I feel for tenants; they are trying to scratch enough money to make rent; let alone pay themselves! So they really have no choice but to try and collect some income, despite risk to themselves.
At some point "Force Majeure" arguments may kick in; but I guarantee the landlords/property managers I've met aren't interested. Does a global pandemic justify a Force Majeure legal defense? Untested ground here.
Fannie Mae has just announced some rental property mortgage forbearance options for commercial property owners; but will "landlords" (often, property managers) recognize this? The tenants don't have access to this.

What if a business was already identified as "non-essential" - Will County grant commercial property tax relief, because a business was not able to open?
Politicizing relief legislation (as champion or detractor) does not help. The Virus does not care if you are right or left.

therealbebe Mar 25, 2020 02:48 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

Good points. Let's hope many lessees read the fine print when they signed their lease agreements. I'd encourage all of them to go over the details as closely as they can. Plenty of lease agreements exempt rent payment from Force Majeure clauses, so lessees may still be obligated to pay. However, there is also usually a "quiet enjoyment" clause, which states that the lessee shall enjoy full use of their space, that could be arguable if they've been forced to shut down. We'll see what arises from this mess.

sacjon Mar 24, 2020 07:46 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

Just to be clear, since it still seems to be confusing:

• Everyone is required to stay home except to *get food*, care for a relative or friend,
get necessary health care, go to an essential job, or for *outdoor recreation.*
• *Going outside* for fresh air or recreation, such as walking, hiking, biking *are allowed
and beneficial to one’s wellbeing.*
• If you go outside, keep at least *6 feet of distance between persons* at all times.

------- https://www.countyofsb.org/asset.c/5274

LCP112233 Mar 25, 2020 11:25 AM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

But he also announced that they are taking less people into custody to avoid exposures yadda yadda yadda. I doubt they would take you to jail. They won't even ticket you (he states) unless they catch you not abiding by the law over and over. Just keep your social distances and you will be fine!

sacjon Mar 24, 2020 06:20 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

PSTARSR - you are WRONG. Stop spreading lies. You can go outside, go to the beach or the park. You can NOT do it with a group of people other than your family or members of your household. You will not be fined or arrested for "going out." In fact, you CAN be fined for filing a false police report and calling 911 because you see a family walking on the beach. THAT is illegal.

GauchoGurl Mar 24, 2020 08:37 AM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

Hmmm. Essential vs non-essential. Currently one can walk into restaurants like Carl's Jr and McDonalds for take-out and sit inside while waiting for order, but Sansun prescription office is not allowing you to do that there. Must have Rx mailed or delivered.

LCP112233 Mar 25, 2020 11:30 AM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

Gaucho. Anyone waiting for food should keep their distance from others. It's that simple. Look out for yourself. If someone gets too close, move away. You "likely" won't get infected if you take all the precautions recommended. You don't have to go to restaurants! Live and let live. Geez people. This is hard enough as it is without all the whining.

GauchoGurl Mar 24, 2020 07:27 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

"Not likely sick" is the mindset behind the crowds at beaches and other gathering by people who feel fine. Does it need to be repeated that one can be already infected and contagious without having any symptoms? Samsun's policy seems sensible to me. The restaurant's policy, allowing customers to gather inside while waiting for take-out order, does not. It is not possible to determine that a person is "not likely sick". That's the whole point of all the social distancing directives.

pstarSR Mar 24, 2020 06:02 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

why is this confusing? 1. you have people more than likely NOT sick getting food. 2. Did you not read to stay away from medical establishments? Samsun would qualify as NO GO ZONE. if you are NOT sick.

conniemara Mar 24, 2020 08:07 AM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

living in Italy and going thru very strict lock down rules... my advice is isolate as much as you can....having a business in Santa Barbara if its allowed open support it...they need all the help they can get...Gino's Pizza 962 9442...Be safe be kind we will get thru this

d8vanilla Mar 23, 2020 07:49 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

Just because a business is open, doesn't mean YOU have to shop there..... I don't really see what the issue is.... What a ridiculous topic to be discussing ....

sacjon Mar 24, 2020 06:17 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

"Being out" is not illegal. Being in close groups of people from different households is what the orders have been about. Not a single one has said not to go outdoors for exercise. Go outside, get some air, be with your family, but be smart and stay away from others.

pstarSR Mar 24, 2020 06:03 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

it is a topic to be discussed because people are treating this like a game. Follow the rules, and then no one will call you out on the internet........ otherwise..... suck it up buttercup and get ready for people to point the finger and call you an asshole for being out and ignoring the mandates

a-1585008223 Mar 23, 2020 05:03 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

Yes, businesses are taking liberty with the exemption. But, let's all stay sane and practical. Many businesses can be safely conducted with extreme social distancing in place. At my place of work, we're limiting operations to small numbers of people that don't interact with each other, onsite medical screening, and all office work is done from home. We can either shut down completely and put about 35 people out of work now (and possible many more once this over). Or, we take extreme caution, make every effort possible to protect our employees, and continue provide families with a paycheck. All this while people party on the beach and play basketball in the park. Let's keep our priorities straight.

winter Mar 23, 2020 04:52 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

These people...police nannies, probably don't know what is allowed..and it has not been all that clear..
My husband, works in Oxnard, sells product, to the government...Raytheon, think tank same...they are isolating...
The small businesses, are closing here by the hour...we need hardware stores, restaurants,etc..to stay open as long as they can.

pstarSR Mar 24, 2020 06:08 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

you do understand "hardware stores and resturantes" are essential and staying open. but your nail salon and hair salon DONT NEED TO STAY OPEN. all the rest I cant even comprehend the sentence or purpose. who cares about your husbands work, who cares about who he sells too. "these people are your neighbors, your community. if you dont care what they say why are you part of the community? move then

Pugluvr1912 Mar 23, 2020 04:14 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?


a-1585004848 Mar 23, 2020 04:07 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

I was surprised mission street ice cream has been open..... the tackle shop is open.... Dave’s dogs on turnpike was allowing people To sit inside... I hope we go on a full blown lockdown- only grocery stores and pharmacies open....

a-1585004568 Mar 23, 2020 04:02 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

One thing SB can be happy about, and that is that many (most? all?) of our local neighborhood markets are liquor stores. Brownie's, Presidio, Milpas Liquor/Deli, Riviera Market/Liquor, Mac's Groggg-n-gggrosch, ......the market near the intersection of Modoc & Mission, .....the list of essential grocery stores here in SB is extensive.

sacjon Mar 23, 2020 03:29 PM
Why are Nonessential Businesses Staying Open?

OP - what business are you talking about? It's OK to list them here. If they're open, it's not like it's not public knowledge anyway. We should know who to avoid.


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