What To Do In New York City With a Family?

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I am soliciting suggestions about what to do in New York City with a family? We will be going next week , and we'lll be staying in an Airbnb in Queens. Friends from England will be joining us, and we'll have 5 "kids" between us ages 14 to 19. If you've had fun experiences there, share them. I am a mountains, wilderness, forest kind of guy so this trip will definitely be outside my comfort zone. If you know of awesome street food, museums, espresso places, must see sights, bookstores, and etc then share them. My oldest daughter has her sights set on a particular Japanese bookstore since that's her thing as fluent speaker. The only thing on our agenda is a 6 hour bus & boat tour to get a feel for the city. Thanks.

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pii Jul 19, 2018 07:17 AM
What To Do In New York City With a Family?

I like to bird in Central Park. Closest to wilderness in NYC. Some people see as many as 100 species there in one day. The Intrepid Museum on the Hudson, as well as more museums than you will ever see. Check out the Trade Towers site. Kids will probably like none of this.

a-1532009853 Jul 19, 2018 07:17 AM
What To Do In New York City With a Family?

The museums are the best! The Guggenheim, the Frick, the Metropolitan Museum of Art( my favorite), the MOMA( modern art). So much to see in them!

a-1532014623 Jul 19, 2018 08:37 AM
What To Do In New York City With a Family?

The "High Line" on the Upper West Side is a great outdoor activity. They converted an elevated railway into a 1 1/2 mile walkway with great views of the city.
We took the Circle Line tour around the entire island of Manhattan, which our kids loved.
To explore America's immigrant roots, we went to the Tenement Museum on the lower East Side...and then to Katz' Deli.
We hung out in Union Square and watched the college students. There is a fantastic bookstore there, but the name escapes me.
Time Square has a half-price ticket booth for shows and you can get tickets the day of.
Museums can be pricey with older kids counting as adults, so some research into CityPass or free days, etc. will help the wallet. Our kids liked the Guggenheim.
We went to see "Strawberry Fields" in Central Park...which is huge and varied enough to warrant a half-day of hiking around.
Buses are great because one can look at the city. I prefer them to subways for touring.

winter Jul 19, 2018 08:37 AM
What To Do In New York City With a Family?

They have fun theme resteraunts..
Ellen's Stardust Cafe, Ninja, and Planet Hollywood ,are good for kids of all ages.
Also, Central Park ...watching the small remote contol boats is fun.

sbdude Jul 19, 2018 09:00 AM
What To Do In New York City With a Family?

Subway passes give you mobility - get them. They are safe and clean(ish)

Free - Go to Wall Street and take picture of kids with bull
Free - Street performers at 5th and 59th
Free - Walk around
Free but horrible - Walk around Times Square
$ - Get street food anywhere
$ - Rent bikes and ride around in Central Park
$ - Take subway to Coney Island - $$ if you go on rides
$ - 9/11 Memorial
$$ - Go out to late-night Greek food in Astoria
$$ - Intrepid
$$ - Museum of Natural History (the one in the movie)
$$ - Statue of Liberty
$$$ - Broadway play

paglinsb Jul 19, 2018 09:49 AM
What To Do In New York City With a Family?

The United Nations is wonderful! Also the Staten Island Ferry. New Yorkers are usually friendly, kind, and love to be helpful, but you need to ask for help. Otherwise, because it is so densely populated, people give others lots of space to live their lives, and usually don't offer help unless asked. Remember to hydrate and take 10 minute breaks every couple of hours to rest. Just a precautionary suggestion for the entire time you are there from someone who lived there many years: Be mindful of valuables carried on your back (back-pack, purses). Better to sling over your shoulder with arm over openings. Men: don't keep your wallet in your hip pocket, nor is it good to keep patting it to make sure it's wherever it is. Women: keep your purse zipped closed and hold it on your shoulder under your arm; and when sitting anywhere (subway, restaurant, park bench) do not put it on the ground, or if you do, put the handles under the leg of the chair; otherwise keep it on your lap.

mountart Jul 19, 2018 10:00 AM
What To Do In New York City With a Family?

As a former NYC resident, with the kids you can check out Flushing Park (next to the U.S. Tennis Open stadium); there is a working 1800's era farm in Floral Park Queens; there is the Astoria Movie Picture museum; there is Rockaway Beach in Queens; in nearby Brooklyn there is Coney Island beach and amusement park; you can take a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge into Manhattan; in the Bronx there is the New York Botanical Garden; Yankee Stadium for a baseball game; in Manhattan there are a thousand things to do with children, Central Park, Chelsea Piers (amusement, sports, bowling); Children's Museum of Manhattan; The Rose Science Center (planetarium and science museum); the Museum of Natural History (Where the "Night at the Museum" movies were filmed and based on); there are free movies outdoors at the NY Public Library in Byrant Park, ect., ect., ect.

RHS Jul 19, 2018 10:07 AM
What To Do In New York City With a Family?

As noted the High Line park is a great place, especially to stop and picnic. You can get sandwiches and other foods from the Chelsea market immediately adjacent to it. There are several museums nearby. Absolutely need a transit pass and while the buses are good for looking (sort of), they can move so slowly you can be lapped by pedestrians. Subways are much more efficient and allow you to stitch together disparate places of interest.

a-1532038070 Jul 19, 2018 03:07 PM
What To Do In New York City With a Family?

There is an amazing brunch and overall amazing things to do at a place called the McKittrick Hotel Gallow Green. It's a beautiful balcony and has incredible food and can work with kids - although it does somewhat depend on their ages. It's usually very crowded. Secondly, restaurant called Ninja New York is amazing for kids, authentic and cool. You should definitely get a reservation beforehand though. Natural History Museum does a lot of amazing things at night. I would check out the planetarium then.

mickmoon Jul 19, 2018 03:11 PM
What To Do In New York City With a Family?

American Museum of Natural History, where they filmed Night at the Museum is huge, fascinating and can get very crowded. But I loved it. Kids especially will, too. Do some research, go to their website, and find out best times to go. It is easy to get to. I suggest watching Night at the Museum, if you haven't already, to get you in the mood. Plan a whole day around your trip. Also, don't miss the Planetarium show! And the immense dinosaur exhibits!

Shasta Guy Jul 19, 2018 05:22 PM
What To Do In New York City With a Family?

Wow. Thanks everyone! Keep them coming. The youngest "kid" is a high school freshman. We have a mix of museum people and activities people in the group, and every suggestion is helpful. We will be in Queens four days, and I think we are near the Queens Station for easy access to Manhattan. One of our days will be to take a bus tour which includes a boat tour around the Statue of Liberty and along the Manhattan skyline. Does anyone have an opinion of the National Museum of the American Indian in Manhattan? Thanks for the advice of avoiding buses and getting stuck in traffic. I will have my share of driving: Land in Newark Saturday night, drive midway up Long Island for a couple days, drop the family off in Queens at the Airbnb on Tuesday, keep moving to Newark to pick up our British Friends, drop them off in Queens, then drive to JFK to drop off the car Tuesday night, then get back to Queens by subway or something.

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