What is Sound Community Planning?

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This question has come up a lot lately with the City's decision to allow residential units in the R-4 and Commercial zones to be permanently converted into hotels/short term vacation rentals. (There is an unlimited # of units that can be converted annually for single unit conversions.)

They say it's "consistent with the principles of sound community planning" because the General Plan accounts for the loss of homes and the AUD is on tract to produce residential units.

Does anyone know if the 2011 General Plan expected short-term vacation rentals to substantially decrease (700+ entire units) the number of residential units in our housing stock? And did it forecast that market rate rentals would mean market rate + 20-30% for the AUD or was the Housing Element Adjusted when the Marc produced luxury units? Seems like we lost a ton of houses and we got a bunch of expensive houses. Is there anyone out there than can tell me how this is "consistent with the principles of sound community planning?"

Did the General Plan forecast what was going to happen to the down town area?

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hz Jun 19, 2017 10:04 PM
What is Sound Community Planning?

I think it sucks..the people who live and work here should come first...there are planty of hotel rooms for visitors!

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