What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

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Last weekend there were 50-60 Santa Barbara High School students who vandalized the school as a "Senior Prank." There were 16 caught by police, so what happened to the students?

Were they allowed to walk for graduation? Were they forced to clean up the mess? What were the punishments? 

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a-1654366655 Jun 04, 2022 11:17 AM
What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

This is all rumor so take it at face value but what I heard was only one student was not allowed to walk which seems insanely unfair and two of those involved were still allowed to give speeches at the ceremony. Although everyone involved wasn't able to participate in the Senior Sunset tradition. The word on the street is some parents and local people are frustrated that only one was severely punished while the others were not.

Babycakes Jun 04, 2022 11:55 AM
What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

Other than making them pay for damages, there seems to be no point in punishing these kids. Most of them got caught up in the moment and went along with the group. Kids of this age don't usually want to "miss out" on the action (like a fight in the parking lot after school type of thing....everyone wants to watch). Let's move on from this as these high schoolers by now wish they had not been involved. Something like this should not follow them for the rest of their lives, and many of them are bound to get jobs with the city no doubt.

GeneralTree Jun 04, 2022 08:29 PM
What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

Same with the January 6th insurrectionists? Most of them "got caught up in the moment"? The rule of law only stands in certain circumstances apparently.

Seabird Jun 04, 2022 08:43 PM
What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

@Generaltree, the insurrectionists were not minors. They were grown-ass people who ought to have known better. Yes, different punishments DO apply, quite literally.

a-1654401657 Jun 04, 2022 09:00 PM
What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

They can be punished appropriately without ruining their lives, it's not all or nothing. I agree with GENERALTREE in that kids who don't face consequences often grow up to be rotten adults.

MarcelK Jun 05, 2022 07:01 AM
What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

Someone simply ask a question. Sheesh. If you want to move on, I'm sure no one will miss you not commenting. And wanting to watch isn't the same as getting involved in doing damage and breaking the law.

Babycakes Jun 05, 2022 08:42 AM
What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

MarcelK: I think the difference is that some want to forgive and forget, and on the other side punish and ruin. I approach this as a forgive/forget situation as other than making a mess and a tad bit of damage, no one was hurt. My way of thinking is to help them understand what they did was not acceptable. It seems that some are thinking it's best that all of these kids face ruin for the rest of their lives, but that's not very adult of us. Let's ruin their lives because they tossed some oysters on the floor....oh, must be the end of the world. Small potatoes, as they say....really small taters.

Babycakes Jun 05, 2022 09:51 AM
What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

Toots: Good one! At MY house, any oysters tossed on the floor, spray paint, broken glass would be an improvement to my pigsty. After a bit of "cleanup on aisle 3" everything would be good to go. I certainly would not have a meltdown cuz some kids were goofing around.

SBSand Jun 05, 2022 07:50 AM
What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

Exactly - 18 is STILL mentally a kid even though they think that they are grown. They should be punished, if they caused property damage they should have to pay restitution and help clean up, at a minimum. If the rumor is right and one person wasn't allowed to walk, they may have already been on thin ice for other things and this was the last straw, who knows?

Side note, seeing all of the high school stupidity that we do, I am hoping that we can change the age to buy guns to 21. 18 year olds aren't mature enough to be able to buy them, especially in the way society is now. It's one thing if you grow up on a farm or in the woods and use a gun for protection but city kids don't need guns...

dukemunson Jun 05, 2022 08:00 AM
What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

The idea that one should be able to buy an assault rifle three years before being able to legally buy a beer is insane. At a minimum (and as a start) we should change the minimum age to 21. We can create a carve out for states like Montana and Alaska to make some exceptions, but essentially as national policy… it should be 21.

Luvaduck Jun 05, 2022 07:59 AM
What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

Bodies developed, brain not fully, hormones raging. A recipe for excitement, collective/mob formation impulsive actions, and sometimes terrible judgment. Even kids who will turn out to be fine adults cause parental gray hair.

Babycakes Jun 05, 2022 08:17 AM
What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

The line for adulthood is drawn at the age of 18, and at that age we are held legally responsible. If you are irresponsible from the age of 18 on, then you are held accountable for the most part. Nearly all of the goofball antics by adult-age students in IV (and every other college town in the US....except maybe Pacific Union College in Angwin). The antics usually stop once a person has responsibilities such as a professional job or has a child or has to take care of a parent/sibling, and so on.

Back in the day we used to always get high and drink beer on road trips....even if the road trip was just a few miles away to the next all-night party. We did this wellllllll into our twenties. Happy to say that most of us stopped this horrible behavior, but a couple did not and paid the ultimate price.

The point is that in the larger picture, messing up the inside of a high school is, as they say, basically a nothingburger. Have 'em clean it up, and let's move on until the next bonehead high-school prank gets out of hand.

Can we do that? Move on from this and have a laugh later on, can we as a generous society? If not, I'd love to hear the reason for punishing, crushing, and ruining the lives of these legally adult high schoolers. Many of them have nothing, and some want to ensure that continues by the inability to forgive for such a small infraction. Bottom line: Give them a break people.

dukemunson Jun 05, 2022 09:59 AM
What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

Babycakes - didn’t you want to ruin the 18 year old (without knowing any details) for his “particularly hateful crime” at Cabrillo? As you say…Just a bit of damage at school… no one was hurt. Can’t we just help him understand instead of showing “no tolerance”?

a-1654449590 Jun 05, 2022 10:19 AM
What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

SBSand said "... if they caused property damage they should have to pay restitution and help clean up..." What about the 18 year olds that caused the Tea Fire. AFAIK they walked away with no consequences while over 200 people lost their homes and life's possessions.

a-1654494600 Jun 05, 2022 10:50 PM
What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

It would be interesting to know any if Montecito or especially affluent kids got off more lightly. Anyone know? Would like to know as an observation, not intending to stir the pot

SBLetsGetAlong Jun 08, 2022 09:07 PM
What Happened to SB High "Pranksters?"

This is CA. What was the monetary damage?
Can’t treat minors more harshly than adults who may have committed similar crimes.
What example would that set?
Rules for thee but not for me?
Do as I say not as I do?
The kids are Kearny g from adults they are surrounded by.
Just wait till they walk into school pantless or start using glory holes like the janitor.

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