What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

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By an edhat reader

There were eight cop cars on Manitou Rd and nothing to be found on any news site.

Do you know what happened? From a Concerned resistant.

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a-1664430643 Sep 28, 2022 10:50 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

To the first poster, 9/27 at 8:30 a.m., I always thought, for about 10 years now (! wow), that this sort of question is exactly what edhat is for.
Let's not chase away posters, they may be new and they might even turn into paying edhat customers! Which would be good for those of us who like edhat.

Stray Sep 28, 2022 04:32 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

I think the answer lies in the lyrics of the John Fogerty song "Travelin' Band":
"Listen to the radio talkin' 'bout the last show.......Someone got excited, had to call the state militia......
Want to move.......Playin' in a travelin' band.....Yeah......Well, I'm flyin' 'cross the land, tryin' to get a hand.....
Playin' in a travelin' band"

doulie Sep 28, 2022 12:13 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

Montecito - 'Cmon man. You want me to go the house where 8 cops cars reportedly responded and question an occupant about why cops were there?

sbdude Sep 27, 2022 10:17 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

The community crime maps are a joke. I was burgled not long ago, filed a police report, and the crime never, ever showed up on the map.

hunkymon Sep 27, 2022 08:31 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

Funny. The ED hat reader asked a simple question, "do you know what happened"? Every response was an opportunity for everyone to wax philosophical. No, we don't know what happened.

Davidb Sep 27, 2022 04:22 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

Since you asked...:https://santabarbaraca.gov/government/departments/santa-barbara-police-department/community-crime-map-compstat-reports

a-1664304892 Sep 27, 2022 11:54 AM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

The Police Dept has a Public Information office. Perhaps that Public Information Officer, (805) 897-2432, would be the appropriate resource to find out about these incidents. They could look into it internally within the PD and call you back (if they have good customer service skills).

sbdude Sep 27, 2022 11:47 AM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

I think the larger concern is there is not a lot of information coming out of the SBPD (or anywhere for that matter) concerning area crimes. Nextdoor is more often than not unsubstantiated rumors and innuendo, Edhat is hit and miss, Noozhawk and the Indy are mostly concerned with things other than neighborhood crime, and the News Press is no longer a factor in local news. Lack of information is both frustrating and worrisome and needs to be addressed.

doulie Sep 28, 2022 07:35 AM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

STONER - What are you referring to when you write you "wonder what else is hidden?" Who is involved in "corruption" and receiving "kickbacks?" In first reading your comments you had some valid questions about the cops. But, I believe your moniker may have something to do with your negative comments and no credibility needs to be attached to them. But, I thank you for putting a smile on my face as I enjoy my coffee.

doulie Sep 28, 2022 07:17 AM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

STONER - I believe we can find out what the cops are doing with their money by asking for their "books" which I suspect are public record. More than 2 black & whites stopped at an eatery are too many, especially when there is a reported shortage of officers. Supervisor's should be emphasizing this at briefings before a shift. As to "cruising down Cabrillo," could it be there hasn't been a major crime in this area due to this police presence? No need to roll your eyes. Keep them centered so you can see if a crime is being committed near you or you are about to become a victim. But, with your apparent disdain for the police you wouldn't call them for help if it was needed. Would you? I suspect some of the cops are arrogant. If this bothers you when in the presence of the offending cop, or "devil" as you say, why not tell them? You can't be arrested or cited. Absolutely nothing, nothing can be done to you if you make your thoughts known to the "devil" in a respectful manner. Simply tell them what you think. You can "bad mouth" them on the keyboard so I'm certain you would have no problem one on one. I doubt there is a section in their procedure manual or part of their job description that states they are (required) to take a medicine for any reason (including a pandemic).

SBStoner Sep 28, 2022 04:46 AM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

Dude was so funny, and I feel what you said about hearing his perspective. He was good at combining humor with being informative and also always wrote a little piece along with the roundups. People who say they disliked him are either judgy or easily offended. I did see him troll some people in comments but it was usually people who were pretty deserving and it was quite humorous to see how angry some would get

SBStoner Sep 28, 2022 04:41 AM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

If a domestic dispute requires 8 cop cars, I’d say the public deserves to know why.

They did not stop doing roundups for that reason while they are still actively identifying suspects by names. A suspect is not guilty so it’s really the same when they put someone’s name attached to x crime. That person is now named on a public site. The SBPS happily identified three or four people this week as suspects for burglary. You don’t think one of those four, from three separate incidents could be innocent or have charges reduced later?

SBStoner Sep 28, 2022 04:35 AM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

It’s their tactic to separate fools from their money. We are not fools and we see through the guise. They post what they want to be issue it works for them. They don’t work for us.

SBStoner Sep 28, 2022 04:31 AM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

Agreed. But along with increased coverage of crime I would also like to see more oversight of what the PD is doing with their funding. We do pay for them, after all, so when I see cops having a team dinner at CFA, 5 cruisers in the lot I really wonder what the thinking is. Or when they are cruising down Cabrillo, clearly going the scenic route and not policing (evident by them not doing any actual enforcement on Cabrillo?) when was the last time there was major crime by the beach? Major eye roll.

These guys are chalk full of arrogance and I think many have forgotten these are the same people who overwhelmingly refused to do the right thing and get vaccinated when we were in the throes of the pandemic. What, you want to be a public servant, but didn’t think you’d have to actually serve the public?

Come on guys. This has gone on long enough and we need to get serious about police oversight. I think the old police chief said it “wouldn’t be effective” which just sounds like bullshit to protect his cronies from being looked at to me.

If you’re the victim of a crime wouldn’t you like to know that the police organize a quick and effective response? I know that in a past incident when a person was trespassing on my property with a possible weapon they didn’t get somebody there for ten minutes. By that time I was long clear of the house but that wait was not a good feeling and o remember not being able to find any info on ANY other incident that day.

If the PD wants to post some details and make public some incidents, they should be doing it for all incidents.

Oh and guys? The police are not your friends and a friendly cop is just the devil in disguise.

MarcelK Sep 27, 2022 09:40 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

"no need to keep kicking this can down the road"

That's not what that phrase means. But yeah, no need to beat up on Roger ... it's kinda creepy.

a-1664335303 Sep 27, 2022 08:21 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

Achoo- The "once in a while" slowly turned into a daily habit. Seemed like ed tried to delete his antagonisms but it only sent him spiraling into a tirade. He did a good thing for the community, but at what cost? Different life experiences can often be synonymous with unstable people. For those who appreciated him, there were many who did not. But he's retired now, so no need to keep kicking this can down the road.

Ahchooo Sep 27, 2022 08:11 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

The nice thing about Roger’s scanner reports was you could read them, or not. I found them interesting. I also appreciated hearing from a person who had very different life experiences than I. He was only obnoxious once in awhile. He was often funny. I miss him.

doulie Sep 27, 2022 07:52 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

6636 - Why not report "lower level crimes?" The PD should release reports that won't compromise an investigation and let news reporters determine what is "newsworthy." I don't believe there is a requirement for police/reporters to identify people by name in their articles. While being identified is embarrassing everyone is presumed innocent, right? What's a news publication for if not to inform residents what is happening in our city? Inquiring minds want to know. As to the "roundups." If they have been reduced I doubt it has to due with a lessor charge or dismissal as the disposition of a case(s). No doubt they would go back to the PD, discuss over coffee and doughnuts what they need to do better, then hit the streets and continue their "roundups."

doulie Sep 27, 2022 06:56 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

SAC - Reporters Barney Brantingham and Keith Dalton use to keep everyone informed via the NP of what was going on around town that involved the cops "way back when." I heard one of these two would appear at the PD most mornings and scan reports on a clip board set aside for news reporters. Don't think there were that many publications around at that time. If the clip board process was used "way back when" I find it hard to believe something like this is happening today.

a-1664316636 Sep 27, 2022 03:10 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

Major crimes are not being hidden. Not everything is newsworthy. Domestic issues that happen within the home, while awful and concerning, do not need to be aired on a public forum. Major investigations will usually warrant a press release with minor details but sometimes they don't if it's an active investigation that can compromise the case. The majority of issues here are lower level crimes: thefts, DUIs, domestic disturbances, etc. These don't warrant press releases or police blotters just because you're curious. And I believe the roundups that Police used to do are no more because some of those charges were lessened or dismissed altogether but those people's names are now on public forums forever unless they contact the news agency and ask for it to be removed. Personally, I appreciate the scanner reporters being selective to fires, major law enforcement activity, and car crashes. It's to the point, doesn't clog the feed, and doesn't come with the badgering harassment of the former guy.

a-1664315884 Sep 27, 2022 02:58 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

SAC, it's unlikely nefarious. More likely lazy, and keeps their job easier because people can't ask questions about what they don't know. It's wrong and there should be more open available crime data. Yes, anyone could fill out an FOIA request, but in my opinion we shouldn't have to. It's 2022, in the age in information... Yet where is the information? Why is it hidden behind closed doors at SBPD?

el_smurfo Sep 27, 2022 02:44 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

Have you not seen the rosey reports given to the City Council by the Chief? My theory (to match your nefarious reasons) is that the online reporting system files all reports right in the round file. I've heard from many people in my neighborhood they file a report and that is it, no visit, no call, etc. I have one example of a woman being menaced by an drug altered person and no car was rolled even though she was a few block from the station.

sacjon Sep 27, 2022 02:41 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

SMURFO - yeah, I do miss Roger! But, I just don't see major crimes being intentionally "hidden" or ignored for some nefarious reason, as some (not saying you) have suggested and accused here.

el_smurfo Sep 27, 2022 02:37 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

The police blotter is what we are missing. It could easily be automated and the Sheriff used to have a version of it, but no more. Roger performed that function here, for all the pain he was within the comments. I remember dozens of scanner reports every 2 days, yet we hear nothing of all that crime now.

sacjon Sep 27, 2022 02:29 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

But are ALL of those reported? Of those reported, do they automatically warrant a news article? I'm really just curious. Does the PD send local news sites a list of crimes or something? I used to read the Police Blotter way back when, but do they still do that? Basically, what crimes are given local news attention? Should someone report every single arrest or police report taken?

a-1664314044 Sep 27, 2022 02:27 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

Me too, MINIBEAST. I appreciate the new scanner folks, but the coverage just isn't there and I especially miss the weekly roundup with all crimes/general locations listed. Why is the PD not doing this? The only time they release a roundup, it's of crimes where they want to pat themselves on the back about their response. It's never about actually letting the community know about what exactly is going on in town.

el_smurfo Sep 27, 2022 02:24 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

I see cat converter thefts, garage breakins, car thefts, home burglary every week. This week has been pretty quiet strangely, maybe all the theft has moved to IV for back to school.

sacjon Sep 27, 2022 02:14 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

EL SMURFO - I'm on Nextdoor from Goleta to SB and the only crimes I see that aren't also reported on Edhat, Noozhawk, etc are minor things like someone playing ding-dong-ditch, or stealing a political sign off the lawn, or driving while "suspicious," etc etc etc. Nosy neighbors can tend to make "crime" out of anything a little "off." I guess I'm saying I just seriously doubt that any really significant crimes are being ignored by the police and the local news.

el_smurfo Sep 27, 2022 01:50 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

SBDUDE. If we knew how much crime was actually happening, we'd be up in arms. The fact that burglaries, property crimes, etc are reported nearly daily on my local Nextdoor site yet the victims are told to just go fill out a website tells you where the SBPD priorities are.

Compare this community crime map of SB compared to Ventura. SB has 3 crimes listed while Ventura has dozens. The SB map used to show all local events but now that is hidden from us.


a-1664292622 Sep 27, 2022 08:30 AM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

Dear "Concerned:" Did you call the police and ask. Might be more productive to resolve your anxiety than posting to a general place like Edhat.

a-1664308820 Sep 27, 2022 01:00 PM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

Doulie: Yes you can get "an answer of one type or another" on these sites but the reliability of such information is exactly as you phrased it and they allow gossips and worse to engage in destructive comments.

doulie Sep 27, 2022 09:24 AM
What happened on Manitou Rd Saturday?

292622 - I disagree when you suggest "Concerned" call police to learn what happened on Manitou. More likely than not the person receiving their non-emergency call won't know what happened unless it's a major issue. They might be shuffled from one person to another that finally might say, again, they don't know what happened or they can't disclose the information. Much easier to ask on this site where they're more likely to get an answer of one type or another.

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