Westmont Pole Vaulting Composite

Westmont Pole Vaulting Composite title=
Westmont Pole Vaulting Composite
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By edhat staff

Local photographer Fritz Olenberger created a composite photo of a Westmont pole vaulter competing this weekend.

Athlete Ty Hernandez is representing Santa Barbara's Westmont College at the Adams/Klein Combined Events Invitational for the track and field team. 

Hernandez placed fifth overall clearing a height of 11' 9.75". 

The winning height was 14' 5.25" which was achieved by tieing athletes. One was Rostam Turner representing Okanagan Athletics Club and Ronan Krutzikowsky from Linfield College in Oregon.

The Westmont Track and Field Men's Team placed ninth overall out of twelve teams while the women's team placed eighth out of eleven.


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a-1648400770 Mar 27, 2022 10:06 AM
Westmont Pole Vaulting Composite

Neat! Took me awhile to figure out that the striaght poles were from after the athlete released the pole and it fell back. Thanks for sharing!

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