Western Bluebird Restaurant

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Western Bluebird Restaurant
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By Chuck Cagara

In my earlier post titled 'Western Bluebirds House Hunting' I made reference to a caged bluebird feeder.  Well here it is.

The bluebird pair did not select our grand "apartment" as they were usurped in occupancy by a pair of Titmice.  Drat!  However, we can hope they may still come around to use the bird baths and would then find a plentiful supply of live mealworms (their main food of choice.)

Here the bluebird feeder is being used by a California Brown Towhee which has entered through the open roof.  We leave the roof open until bluebirds spy the worms from above, then close it off to keep the larger birds from exhausting the tasty morsels. 

The bluebirds will quickly get used to the feeder and enter directly through the mesh or use the traditional holes on either end.

So, come on in little bluebirds - the restaurant is now open!

For reference, here is another photo from a different location several years ago showing the mating bluebird pair dining.

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yin yang Mar 22, 2018 07:23 PM
Western Bluebird Restaurant

More thanks, very educational, and fun. What keeps a scrub jay from wriggling through the mesh? I guess it looks bigger than it is. ====================================================== I ID'd my different bird today, turns out he was "just" a spotted towhee. (Spotted & Eastern used to be classified together.) He's very pretty; a nice change from the sparrows, finches, scrub jays and all-brown towhees. I also have a regular seagull visitor! It has its power pole perch a house away from mine, a few blocks north of La Cumbre Plaza. The crows were yelling at him yesterday.

Curmudgeon Mar 22, 2018 04:10 PM
Western Bluebird Restaurant

Live mealworms? - I get them from Rainbow Mealworms. Rainbowmealworms dot net Their motto "We have the most tender, buttery mealworms on the market!"

taz Mar 22, 2018 12:13 PM
Western Bluebird Restaurant

Great to see your roomers enjoying the spread. Cute pic! Thanks for description as well, was interesting to read :)

Curmudgeon Mar 22, 2018 09:38 AM
Western Bluebird Restaurant

TWOSCOOPS and FLICKA: Thanks for your comments. Interestingly, while towhees are considered ground feeders, this one flies right up onto another feeder and has never been one to avoid the mealworms if he/she can find them - a real pig to the trough! Over the past 25 years we have had Western Bluebirds come around more than a dozen times and use our boxes five of those times. Once they even had two broods in one season - not uncommon, but a real treat for us. Meal worm bill ran extra high that year! Of note - during those times the bluebirds didn't nest with us it was always because more aggressive titmice or house wrens beat them to the spot.

TWOSCOOPS Mar 22, 2018 09:13 AM
Western Bluebird Restaurant

Bluebird beauties! Thank you for letting us see your caged bluebird feeder. Interesting you mentioned the titmice took over the nesting box, when your bluebirds decided to go elsewhere. At my place, the bluebirds checked the nesting box, decided on no, and the oak titmice tried, and they, too, finally gave up. I'm surprised that the Towhee jumped in your feeder. Cute.

Flicka Mar 22, 2018 08:45 AM
Western Bluebird Restaurant

Nice photos, Chuck, groovy feeder. I especially like what you wrote, very interesting.

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