Weird Sign Flown Above Montecito

Flight path of #N24242 on November 25, 2023 (Screenshot from

Neighbors and I spotted a very odd, and seemingly cruel, sign flown above Montecito on Saturday.

A small plane was going over the entire area circling above Montecito, and flying very low, carrying a large banner sign that reads “Prince Harry: Mum’s Fate Accidental?”

My neighbor looked up the plane’s registration (#N24242) and it appears to be based out of Santa Paula registered to “Sky Fly Ads LLC.”

Whoever did this, not only is it weird, but a cruel and distasteful thing to do to a one of our residents. Shame on you and the company for doing this.


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  1. We all know who has a book coming out on Tuesday called “Endgame”.
    We all know the duo want to damage the British monarchy because they didn’t get their way.
    We all know the duo are desperate for attention and sympathy.
    I wouldn’t put it past the two of them to do this in order to gain media attention.


  2. Disgusting waste of time and money and completely uncalled for. Why do all the bad apples take up all the airspace? (Pun intended)


    Conspiracy theories are for those who can’t actually think, but still want to play pretend.

  3. What does that even mean?

    I can’t be bothered with Harry and Meghan and their pick me attitude, as well as all the royals but they had nothing to do with the passing of the queen.

    Either some conspiracy or Meghan wanting the spotlight again, even if only for a moment.

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