Way Back When: Liking the Look of Leather

Way Back When: Liking the Look of Leather title=
Way Back When: Liking the Look of Leather
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Image: Air Service Journal, March 21, 1918

By Betsy J. Green

Suddenly, leather was in fashion on the streets of Santa Barbara in December 1919. It started with leather coats. “The fad has struck the city with the effectiveness of an old-time gold rush. Men and youths, women and girls are wearing ‘em in all shades.” The paper explained that the fashion began with army aviators. (Planes of that era had open cockpits, so pilots wore leather to keep warm.)

Next, leather boots made an appearance here. “A young woman who looked like Mary Pickford and walked like Theda Bara [both silent movie stars] wearing high leather boots in conjunction with a fetching coat of velvet and fur stepped forth from her car at the corner of State and Cañon Perdido, and created quite a stir among the male contingent abroad at that hour.”

Ye gads! What will they think of next? Knee-length skirts?


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