Way Back When: High Hopes for a High Flier

Way Back When: High Hopes for a High Flier title=
Way Back When: High Hopes for a High Flier
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Using a plane to search the skies for some lost birds? Image: Holden’s New Book on Birds, Charles F. Holden, 1892

By Betsy J. Green

Nineteen-nineteen was the year of the airplane in Santa Barbara. But perhaps some expectations were just a bit too high. A Santa Barbara woman whose canaries flew the coop put an ad in the local paper hoping that someone might spot her birds in their yard. But what about spotting birds on the wing?

“When approached on the subject, Lieut. A. Poppic [a local pilot], the intrepid explorer of the upper levels, stated that he could follow a canary anywhere, except under some of the city bridges. All Lieutenant Poppic wants is one good squint at the canaries, and he promises to corral the feathered beauties, hogtie them to the fuselage of his ship and bring them home wagging their tails behind them.”


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Flicka Nov 16, 2019 01:59 PM
Way Back When: High Hopes for a High Flier

Wonder if she got her canaries back? Would love to come to Chaucer's, unfortunately I can't but look forward to buying your 1919 book. Keep up your good work!

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