Wastewater Main Rehabilitation Project

Wastewater Main Rehabilitation Project title=
Wastewater Main Rehabilitation Project
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Source: City of Santa Barbara

The City is rehabilitating aging sewer pipe infrastructure throughout Santa Barbara. The week of June 13, contractors will work from street manholes using trenchless methods to line mains on W. Ortega Street, Coronel Road, W. Islay Street, and Chapala Street.

PROJECT OVERVIEW: The project consists of the trenchless rehabilitation of approximately 2.59 miles of aging sewer pipes. The pipes were selected based on the City’s Sewer System Management Plan, which helps prioritize the most important locations.

PROJECT BENEFITS: This type of rehabilitation allows for the continued, uninterrupted operation of the wastewater collection system. This system is a continuous barrier that maintains the health and wellness of the environment. Rehabilitating sewer lines provides City residents safe, reliable, and cost-effective sewer services for generations to come.

Location: 45 locations throughout the City
Construction Schedule: spring 2022 through winter 2022 Construction Contract Costs: $919,409.00
Funding Source: Wastewater Fund

City Project Manager: Heidi Braunger, Project Engineer
Phone: (805) 897-1902
E-mail: HBraunger@SantaBarbaraCA.gov

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