Warnings for Maskless Gatherings?

By an edhat reader

My husband took his usual walk [Tuesday] morning, masked and distanced, from Figueroa to the Mission, where he saw large groups of people together, maskless.

Shouldn’t the police start issuing warnings to people? Are these people all visitors? When, and if they leave, will we have another increase of cases?


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  1. CHIP – I don’t believe it’s the police we need to be concerned with as much as it is members of the government that issue the “orders/rules” in question. It’s the “unlimited power” the government is trying to achieve we should be concerned about. Is a “public health order” a law subject to scrutiny by our Constitution? I don’t think so. I disagree police will be stopping, arresting, searching, or taking any other action based on a COVID issue alone. Many law enforcement agencies have reported they will not enforce violation of COVID imposed rules.

  2. Also, Karen is a general term that can be applied to anyone. If you’re calling the cops on your neighbors when something doesn’t involve you, you’re being a karen. No need to feel oppressed for white ladies, they are fine i promise you

  3. The problem is, law enforcement officers have to take an oath to uphold the constitution. It’s kind of amazing, but that oath has become the only check against the police taking on virtually unlimited power. Based on the public health order, the police could stop and search anyone who was not out alone and “socially distanced”. They could also stop, search, and arrest anyone out after 10. They could also enter and search people’s homes with the slightest hint of suspicion someone might be visiting from another household. Naturally, the police would confiscate, impound, and arrest based on what they discover during a “COVID stop” or a “COVID search. If only we could convince the police to disregard that pesky little oath, just imagine how much safer we could be…

  4. Sadly this type of irresponsible behavior is contributing to the ongoing spread of COVID and dragging out the closure of schools and businesses. People that choose to gather maskless in large groups are showing reckless disregard for human life and the economy. They should all be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately, there won’t be any serious enforcement and those fools won’t get that their actions have consequences unless they or someone close to them ends up in the ICU or dead. Also, I love how the same people who scream that businesses should all be allowed to be open also have snarky comments that others should mind their own business about social gatherings. Eye roll…

  5. Can someone yell fire in a crowded theatre and not be arrested for causing the ensuing injuries? If not, I guess there are limits on freedom of expression. Lots of people like to cite the constitution but not that many seem to understand that there are limits.

  6. You are responsible for your own behavior, which includes not exposing me to your spittle and other internal particulates you spew from your face holes when you speak, eat, or otherwise expose your mouth and nose in proximity to me. I have met you on the street, and I have met you in line at the grocery store, as you wait with your mask around your neck until you go inside. I have seen you on the bus removing your mask to eat while you RODE ON THE BUS . So, be responsible for your own behavior until it infringes on my safety, health, and maybe existence. Infect the others who feel as you do, just leave the rest of us who care to accept science alone.

  7. If you can equate inviting friends over or going for a walk to yelling fire in a crowded theater, you will have created a police state. Be careful what you wish for, that unchecked law enforcement power could be used against you in ways you never expected.

  8. The rest of the world is looking at our country in disbelief. While I believe the majority are taking the health crisis seriously to protect their neighbors and family, the actions of the selfish and delusional minority render a collective response useless. I don’t use those words lightly. If you don’t know the dangers of Covid and how to do your part after nearly a year, you are selfish, delusional and ignorant. Downvote if you want, your opinion is uninformed trash.

  9. Public health emergencies lead to valid uses of power by State and Local government. I guess 335,000 dead people, millions of long term injuries, and the cost of all that is not important to you? Give us the numbers where you think the gov can get involved and if we’re unlucky enough, maybe we’ll hit one.

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