Veteran's Weekend Celebrations in Santa Barbara

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Scroll through the above photos of the Santa Barbara Veterans Parade (Photos: Fritz Olenberger)

By edhat staff

Local military service members and veterans were honored this weekend as part of the annual Veteran's Day celebration.

The Pierre Claeyssens Veteran's Foundation, a local nonprofit that supports and honors Veterans and Active Duty Military, hosted a variety of events. On Saturday the Veterans Parade delighted crowds on State Street. Beginning at noon, WWII vehicles, re-enactors, and heroes from all branches of the military cruised down State Street. 

The event concluded at the Carriage and Western Art Museum of Santa Barbara with a daring parachute landing. The sixth annual celebration included a BBQ, live music, and military vehicles on display.

On Sunday, the Foreign Wars Post 1649 and Pierre Claeyssens Veterans Foundation hosted a moving, one-hour ceremony at the Santa Barbara Cemetery on Channel Dr. A keynote speaker and an appearance by the Santa Barbara Choral Society was a poignant tribute to all veterans.

More photos of the Veterans Parade can be viewed here.

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NostraChumash Nov 12, 2018 08:25 AM
Veteran's Weekend Celebrations in Santa Barbara

"He who fights & runs away.. Will never be a Soldier". A Soldier never runs, neither towards nor away from the battle, for he knows.. the war isn't going anywhere. A Fighter fights for glory.. A Soldier finds no glory in combat. While the Fighter is celebrated for his victories.. A Soldier is cursed as a "Baby-killer". A Fighter recieves a "purse" for vanquishing his foe.. A Soldier gets a piece of metal..& nightmares. Fighters come in many sizes, but Soldiers only one. A Fighter is carried on the shoulders of the crowd.. A Soldier is left to die on the battlefield. Fighters may cry tears of joy, but the only tears I've ever seen a Soldier shed, were for the loss of a Brother. Fighters are flamboyant.. Soldiers bleed green. Fighters have "corners".. Soldiers are alone. Fighters make a "comeback", while a Soldier dies only once. And Fighters may retire.. A Soldier is forever. Yes..the day for celebrating Soldiers, was yesterday.. Why post today?.. Because for the Soldier... the battle never ends.

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