Veterans Day Half Marathon Issues?

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By an edhat reader

Did anyone attend or run in the Veterans Day Half Marathon? It began an hour late, there were hardly any water stations, they removed all the traffic cones an hour after the race started, and there wasn't any finish line. 

Did anyone else have the same or a similar experience?

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a-1510513818 Nov 12, 2017 11:10 AM
Veterans Day Half Marathon Issues?

I heard that the police cancelled the race because it was to late and there weren't enough volunteers. The race was cancelled and people ran anyway.

That company shouldn't be allowed to hold races here anymore.

oceandrew Nov 12, 2017 05:17 PM
Veterans Day Half Marathon Issues?

Out of curiosity... how much did the race organizers charge would be runners to participate? Or was it a free event?

anTusail Nov 12, 2017 05:21 PM
Veterans Day Half Marathon Issues?

There is a thread on FB about it. Lots of complaints (as is becoming the norm for this race):
I really hope we can change the organization running this, both the full and half races used to be really great (I loved the course from UCSB, down 217 for the half a couple of years ago.).

This year, I tried to contact the organizers many times with questions about the course map. I repeatedly asked for a refund of (the overpriced) $116 registration fee when it wasn't published, but got no response. When the race was officially cancelled on race-day, I contested the charge with my credit card company. Let's see what happens...

SBZZ Nov 13, 2017 07:58 AM
Veterans Day Half Marathon Issues?

I did this race for the last time last year - I think it was the year after they bailed on holding the marathon and did not refund those people their money. Last years race was poorly run and it was obvious the race organizers were cutting corners everywhere to save $$$. Earlier in the year they advertised that the race this year was going to start in Goleta and catch the original very cool course through the Goleta bike path and down Las Positas to the Mesa - when I saw they changed it to the waterfront - a cheaper course to manage (but still a nice course) - I knew it was purposely false advertisement to hook more people into the race. Then they cancelled the race?!?! Sad. I hope people get their money back.

Luvaduck Nov 13, 2017 08:16 AM
Veterans Day Half Marathon Issues?

The money should be refunded, but I'd like to bring up another issue: Routing through residential areas. Periodically I can't get into/out of my housing area b/c Cathedral Oaks is part of a foot or bike race. Either a main artery like that shouldn't be used at all or cross-traffic should have plenty of timely access. Some people's hobby shouldn't take precedence over other people's appointments and lives in general. Several times, I've waited and waited and finally given up, parked and walked half a mile home.

a-1510591390 Nov 13, 2017 08:43 AM
Veterans Day Half Marathon Issues?

Story on this on KEYT news Sunday evening. Sounds like the organizers already had a bad record. Scoundrels.

pelagian Nov 13, 2017 10:33 AM
Veterans Day Half Marathon Issues?

In its prime, the Santa Barbara Veterans Day Half Marathon was a good race. I ran it four times in the 2012-2015 period, when they had different courses. But it has been going downhill for a while, ever since they canceled the full marathon at short notice in 2015, followed by numerous complaints that the promised refunds didn’t arrive. The half marathon that year moved to a new course, starting in UCSB, which was good except that it measured a bit short.

Last year’s half marathon — which dropped the UCSB start and copied the less ambitious course of the other half in town, the unaffiliated Santa Barbara Half Marathon held in June — was by most accounts something of a shambles. The promised medals weren’t there (and promises that they would be mailed later came to nothing), runners were sent the wrong way on the Mesa , there was inadequate course support (in terms of water stations, etc.), the much hyped “expo” turned out to one solitary table, the finish line experience was pretty miserable, etc.

But at least last year’s race started and finished. I missed that one due to an injury.

I gave this year a miss, based on what I heard about last year. I almost signed up last week, but their Web site left little cause for optimism — outdated information referring to previous years, a lack of much information about this year, nonfunctioning links, and so on. It reeked of incompetence/neglect.

What happened yesterday seems to have been much worse than I had feared. The race needs to be shut down once and for all. The City should refuse to issue permits to the individuals behind it. It would be an outrage if these people get a further chance to solicit money for an event that they are plainly no longer capable of producing.

Even as late as the day before, they were still trying to sell places for $116 — an amount one pays for some of the best organized and most popular races. Based on the fiasco of the earlier cancelled full marathon, I am not at all hopeful that those who paid for the race will get their money back. (But anyone who paid recently should contact their credit card company to contest the charge.)

The June Santa Barbara Half Marathon — which, again, is completely separate and run by different people — is a nice one, much less heavily hyped but well organized (though quite small).

It’s a pity that SB no longer has a larger race. Other cities of our size do. In the past month, I have run both Ventura and Malibu, and both were great.

I feel particularly bad for the people who traveled some distance to do this race, which was marketed as a so-called “destination event.“

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