Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 near Mission

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By Scanner Andrew

Firefighters have extinguished a vegetation fire on Hwy 101 SB just north of the Mission offramp.


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dukemunson May 23, 2022 09:24 PM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 near Mission

He’s acknowledged it… which again is a (small) step in the right direction. Murillo was refusing to even acknowledge it 3.5 years into her term.

dukemunson May 23, 2022 03:10 PM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 near Mission

He's noted the least he's doing more than Murillo! As per the last city council meeting he said the council should "get in the county's grill" about better supporting South County efforts to curb homelessness.

I'll take that over Murillo (as a start at least). She seemed quite content to bury her head in the sand and assume/hope the problem went away it's not going just keeps getting worse. How is the accumulation of stuff/debris at the base of 154 allowed/OK?

AwareHuman May 23, 2022 04:50 PM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 near Mission

Drug dealers are plentiful & operate with impunity, creating & supporting homelessness. Contact the mayor & city council & request a report from the narcotics enforcement police department . Transparency and accountability are imperative. So many people tell me there are no drug dealers being investigated or arrested. So, lacking this crucial element of reducing homelessness, the count will continue to increase.

Basicinfo805 May 23, 2022 05:09 PM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 near Mission

Recipe for disaster = vote extreme liberal + unquestionably fund any and all social bailout programs + attack law enforcement (“defund the police”)

It’s basic math

Basicinfo805 May 24, 2022 06:07 AM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 near Mission

Marcel, I know it’s hard for you to comprehend, but I’m a damn democrat! But I’m not ultra liberal either. You’re thinking extremes. A lot of folks make that mistake these days.

26tpi May 23, 2022 05:09 PM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 near Mission

These Freeway fires are almost a daily subject. We need to get CalTrans to fix this issue with the spontaneous combustion Freeways!

CoastWatch May 23, 2022 07:13 PM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 near Mission

@ SACJON- You didn't care for my vagrant resolution of forced rehab and road maintanence training program, then employing them (EX-vagrants / drug alcohol abusers) as CalTrans contract workers laying asphalt, pothole repair etc.... What do YOU PROPOSE...????

Thomas John May 24, 2022 07:48 AM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 near Mission

Coastwatch you know that will never ever ever happen - right? You might find yourself happier if you moved to China or somewhere that would tolerate 'forced rehab'. It is a challenging and sad situation with the homeless but forced anything isn't going to fly in the USA.

sacjon May 24, 2022 08:29 AM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 near Mission

COAST - yeah, I'm with you on the training program and giving them some marketable skills, but forced rehab? No, I think the way to do this is by giving them options - rehab, jail or work training for repeat drug offenders. BUT..... not all homeless are addicts. There are thousands with mental health issues for whom this plan would never work. We'd have to consider those as well.

But... I do like the work training program!

Transparent May 24, 2022 08:47 AM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 near Mission

Can someone tell me what "solutions court" (or whatever it's called ) is all about? I heard talk about it in a council meeting about a month ago, but don't know the specifics.

Anything that could promote a modicum of responsibility and incentive for this population would be much appreciated. Yes, they have a tough go of it, but our current approach is neither effective nor compassionate. (Unless you count folks who like to pat themselves on the back for their counter-productive interventions... they're well-funded and doing great.)

a-1653412377 May 24, 2022 10:12 AM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 near Mission

"Solutions Court" is probably the "Restorative Justice" court thing talked about in Goleta. It proposes a scary threat to civil liberties that processes people in a kangaroo court scenario to force them into commitments and behaviors that the DA and cops think are desirable. It does not offer any due process protections to assure that those cited into it are aware of their choices. Hopefully the long delay in getting it off the ground means it is foundering.

Rypert Johnson May 24, 2022 10:39 AM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 near Mission

Well, to start with, Scanner Andrew, thank you for all the concise info you've been providing, it is useful and helpful on many levels. The recent fire map, truly a welcome addition to better understand this recent rash of mostly-intentionally set fires in the area. It also shows ALL the incidents, not just those reported on social media.

As usual, it doesn't surprise me to see the usual denizens of deniability here commenting in the typical manner that defends and protects the privilege garnered from these folks.
the "houseless neighbors" have garnered from these folks. It is nice to see you all care.

There is one point of this crew that I 100% agree with and that is the "homelessness is not a crime" mantra. I fully agree with that, no reservations whatsoever. I've been homeless myself and I felt that wasn't a crime.

With this laid out, let me list the reminder of what IS illegal; arson, assault, robbery, theft, shoplifting, burglary, rape, littering, driving without a drivers license, driving an unregistered vehicle and a slew of other infractions.
Now, let us point out the fact that it doesn't matter if you live under a tarp or a multi-million dollar estate. If you commit ANY of these crimes, you deserve the repercussions as a result of the laws already on the books. Herein lies the problem.

The denizens of deniability want those who fall under the "houseless neighbor" umbrella to be exempt from the consequences the average resident is subject to, should they commit any of those crimes listed above.
The reasons for exemption are the same old excuses with mental illness and addiction being the mainstay of deniability. We also see an aversion to "forced rehabilitation" by the denial crowd.

Being arrested and jailed for a crime committed is not "forced rehabilitation" by any means. It is simply removal from society on the basis that someone chose to cancel their contract with society.
It is called "incarceration" and there exists a difference between the two designations.
While "forced rehabilitation" is illegal under our constitution, incarceration for the commission of crimes is not. There is due process, as guaranteed by the same constitution and is therefore legal.

But the denizens of deniability will argue their point with the exhausted "causes" for the situation many of the "houseless neighbors" have created for themselves to the point where the "LEAVE THEM ALONE!" mantra becomes a mainstay. We have in fact "left them alone" and we're seeing and experiencing the destructive aftermath of that path.

Let us be perfectly clear on one thing here and that is that there are homeless individuals who commit no crimes, they are peaceful and respectful to their surroundings. They are actually welcome members of the community and are grateful for the help they receive. They also help out where and when they can. Their only difference is they choose to be homeless and as stated above, this is NOT a crime. The local cops even know them on a friendly basis and they know these individuals are NOT the problem.
Given the chance to change their ways, they refuse every opportunity presented, but they are graceful about it and the most important aspect of their situation is they commit no crimes.
That is a enormous departure from the "houseless neighbors" we see committing the crimes mentioned above.

Let us face the reality and fact that the "houseless neighbors" committing crimes are NOT going to change any time soon, if ever at all. They are, in a word, terminal. All treatments have been offered and tried, with zero success.

I've drawn criticism for this suggestion, but I will offer it again. The county should get a swath of land, designate it a "free camping zone" for those who choose to live in such a situation.
Make said camping zone NOT drug and alcohol free. Get rid of that stipulation because in all honesty and truth, these individuals are so far down that river with no oar that coming back upstream is just not a reality. Let them have their vices, be it booze, heroin, fentanyl or meth.

Society has tried every other approach except this one and truthfully, it is high time (no pun intended) that they adopt this idea.
Think about it, the problem will be removed from the brush and creeks by the use of illegal camping laws already on the books, they will be relocated to their new digs, settle in and they will have all their needs met, be it through governmental resources or private groups -which there are plenty pro-"houseless neighbor" groups around- and if we empty the police evidence lockers of drugs and distribute those among the campers that want them, it will be a win-win for the defund the police crowd as law enforcement will no longer be "hassling" these supposed victims for petty drug laws and law enforcement since they will be putting drug dealers who provide the "houseless neighbors" with the drugs out of business.

As it stands, given anything and everything that has been done for the "houseless neighbors" and miserably failed, this "Mad Max camp" -as it has been referred to by some of the denizens of deniability- is more than likely the ONLY true solution left to try.

As always, let the hateful words begin, I really don't care to the point of no response because in the end, we are all guranteed a voice, for better or worse. End the excuses, end the deniability, make the free camp a reality, fix this problem.

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