Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 and Los Carneros

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Firefighters have extinguished three small spot fires on Hwy 101 SB at the Los Carneros onramp

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Rypert Johnson May 31, 2022 12:35 PM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 and Los Carneros

Scanner Andrew: "Sheriff is with the transient. Fire said they had a talk with the transient earlier"

What we really need to know is if said transient was the ARSONIST who started those fires. If said transient is the ARSONIST then all bets are off, to jail he should go.
There he will get three hots and a cot, he will be out of the elements and he will be better cared for than the average person with the average insurance policy.
This would not be "forced rehabilitation" in any way whatsoever, it is called incarceration and if this individual is in fact responsible JAIL HIM/HER!

Enough of the privileged species status, it is time for the tide to turn on this matter of "houseless neighbors" and from the voices of frustration I see and hear here and in other places, that momentum is rapidly building.

As it stands right now there are more shelter beds and finances available to the homeless than there ever has been in this county. The only reason those beds are not taken because there are "houseless neighbors" who would rather choose the great outdoors so they can do their drugs than a chance at getting back on their feet and back in society.

These individuals are terminal and it is time people begin to realize this fact. Stop with the mental illness excuse, there are MANY mentally ill individuals who do not commit the crimes the "houseless neighbors" do. By attributing bad behavior to mental illness you are insulting those truly afflicted with mental illness.
Then there is the classic "addiction is a disease" excuse to allow this series of bad behaviors. Addiction is a result of bad choices and these individuals made many of those, hence their situation. Stop with the excuses!

If these individuals want that free loading lifestyle where the drugs are a commonplace everyday staple, the powers that be need to realize this and establish an area away from communities and neighborhoods where these terminal individuals can live out their life goal of a continual and perpetual high until they pass on.
That is the ONLY strategy that is going to work, but it will take a stark realization by homeless inc. and their cronies as well as the "experts" on the matter of "houseless neighbors" and their disciples.

As it stands we have dodged bullet after bullet, the biggest one being the TV Hill fire. The community has had enough. 100572P mentions the parked vehicles along Aero Camino and the broken meth pipes. IT IS ACCURATE! I have seen it, so have many others and everyone I have spoken with asks one simple question: How is this alright?"

If these individuals want to live in drug laden squalor and crime, give them the resources, a piece of land AWAY from communities, give them the drugs and let the problem take care of itself with help form the enablers.
But as it stands, enough is enough, it is time to try a radically different approach on the subject of "houseles neighbors" and that can only start when those perpetuating the problem realize the basic facts to the matter. ENOUGH!

100572P May 31, 2022 09:05 AM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 and Los Carneros

GREAT! that is right behind the Lumberyard, seems to be about the 10th fire. I have been in the area and spoken to folks at the local businesses. The homeless people park their cars along Aero Camino and Camino Vista. Their NICE cars. Sometimes they leave behind broken crack/meth pipes. Then they walk along a very nice path that is about 6' wide. This path was recently provided because it was easier to do that then continue to fix the fence every time it was cut. The property owners and adjacent business just gave up. THIS NEEDS TO STOP AND THE SHERIFF NEEDS TO BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE IF THAT NEIGHBORHOOD GOES UP IN FLAMES.

swarfmaster May 30, 2022 08:38 AM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 and Los Carneros

These are recurrent camps and a few are large. Easily seen dropping onto 101 southbound from Los Carneros. The risk they preent will get greater as we enter fire season, especially if there is a fire bug there.

Transparent May 30, 2022 10:31 AM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 and Los Carneros

Agreed. The risk from those camps will also continue to get greater, as they signal to every transient driving a 1982 van with an expired Kansas license plate that you can have a big free campsite to yourself, provided you scream at anyone that comes close to your 'domain.'

Every windy day I fear for a massive catastrophe. The West Side got off lucky last year. Our political cowardice on this issue could literally burn half of our city down.

We have embraced a divisive, false narrative that says you are either on the side of helping folks or on the side of enforcing laws. We need to confront the subset of our laws that are inhumane and ineffective. We also need to confront the subset of our support programs that are ineffective, attracting, and enabling.

JB86 May 29, 2022 11:02 PM
Vegetation Fire on Hwy 101 and Los Carneros

From what I hear there may be a 'fire-bug' among our local homeless population, specifically in the vicinity of Los Carneros to Glen Annie along the tracks. Multiple small fires over the past few weeks that seem to be intentionally ignited, e.g neither heating nor warming fires. I believe authorities are on the case.

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