USPS Mail Delivery Delay?

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Has anyone had a significant delay in receiving USPS mail lately?

I’ve signed up for USPS Informed Delivery where mail addressed to me is scanned into the system and sent as a daily preview of what I should expect to receive. Normally it’s about a 1-2 day delay from the time I’ve seen the scan to the time I receive the mail.

The daily preview I received on July 1st has yet to be received as of today, July 10. I understand it was a holiday last week but this delay is very unusual and there are important documents I’m waiting on.

In the meantime, the mail I have been receiving is back to its normal 1-2 day turnaround from the daily preview.

Can anyone shed light on this process or has experienced the same thing? I’m worried the important documents were either lost or sent back. For reference, I live within the city limits near the Alta Mesa neighborhood.

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I’ve had difficulty receiving mail in my PO Box on State St. Some mail comes through. and some does not. The person who used to own the PO Box gets mail too, mostly junk… The Track Mail also doesn’t work correctly, so I don’t get complete notifications of the mail. I’m wondering if the issue is the location, the sender, or USPS. Anyone else have issues with their PO Box? Why pay for this if it’s not working…

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  1. I have used this service for years and the only consitancy I find with the USPS Informed Delivery System is that they scan some but not other mail. They will state that they don’t scan certain mail like magazine subscripting or some flyers etc, but I find the scans I have received over the years are much more random. At times it appears there should be only 1 or 2 pieces of mail, yet my mailbox is bursting at the seems…some very important mail also gets not scanned repeatedly when it should. Just another unreliable service that I have learned to take as giving me an idea of what may be in my mailbox, but cant rely on to be accurate.

  2. Did you go to your USPS Informed Delivery account dashboard, which is viewable via the app or by clicking a button in the daily email that reads “View Dashboard”, and click on the checkbox below the mail piece image stating “I didn’t receive this mailpiece.”?
    Whenever I’ve checked that box I usually end up getting the missing item(s) the next business day.
    However, you can only go back 1 week from today’s current date to check that box, so unfortunately you can’t do this in regard to your July 1st item. It is something to keep in mind for the next time this happens though.

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