Upper Oso Canyon Mule Ride

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Upper Oso Canyon Mule Ride
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By Lucky 777

On a breezy sunny day 2 mules and 2 Arabian horses set out to see the Upper Oso Canyon. We were on the trail for 3 hours and traveled 6.75 miles. For the mule gals it was home turf, for the visitors from Lebec it was a real treat.

We started out on Rancho Oso. I did my usual trick of backing through the open gate and daring the others to do likewise. The mules aced it, and then with a little consternation and swishing of tails the Arabs did too.

Then it was down the Arroyo Burro Road to cross the Santa Ynez River, that was so sparkling and lush a month ago when I was here last. Now it has once again gone underground and was only a pathway of rocks.

Then we rode down the Paradise Road / Gibralter Road carved into the hillside, which has recently been re-opened to vehicular traffic but we saw very few cars and they were all driven by courteous older men who slowed down as they passed us.

Then passing the Lower Oso Day Use area we turned up the canyon.

This is a flood zone, and the Upper Oso campground has been closed for many months because of damage from fire, rain, and cascading mud.

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Bug Girl Sep 22, 2018 08:47 AM
Upper Oso Canyon Mule Ride

I'm sad to hear that Upper Oso had a mudslide after the damages from the fire. I love that area.

Flicka Sep 22, 2018 08:59 AM
Upper Oso Canyon Mule Ride

Thanks for taking us on this delightful ride. Wonderful photos. Wish I'd have been riding with you.

a-1537633422 Sep 22, 2018 09:23 AM
Upper Oso Canyon Mule Ride

LUCKY777 thank you for posting these photos, and showing the trail ride. Always love yours. I know nothing about mules or horses. Please tell me what you think about this male Friesian horse prancing in front the female cows. What's the psychology? Is he showing off for "the ladies"? A typical male in front of adoring females? I'm hoping you'll tell me something wonderful, because I just love this fella. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C_U_mIo-TyI

woodruff Sep 22, 2018 08:50 PM
Upper Oso Canyon Mule Ride

I grew up with cattle but only a few horses. My guess is that either he is smelling female hormones and is acting like a guy--or he doesn't recognize the girls as girls, but rather as foreign creatures who need to be shown who's in charge. In either case, his gait is lovely.

EastBeach Sep 22, 2018 01:06 PM
Upper Oso Canyon Mule Ride

Interesting to hear the river crossing was "sparkling and lush" a month ago. We hiked down the Arroyo Burro trail from Camino Cielo 2 weeks ago and the Santa Ynez looked just like the third photo - just missed it!

SBCactus Sep 22, 2018 01:13 PM
Upper Oso Canyon Mule Ride

Thank you for taking us along on another trail ride. I always enjoy your observations and photos.

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