Upcoming Paving Work in the City of Goleta

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Source: City of Goleta

The City has been working diligently to bring road repairs to our community.  The Council and staff are well aware of the deteriorating condition of the roads and the need to address this situation before the roads deteriorate further.  Over the last several months, the Council has received several reports on the pavement condition throughout the City, identified a minimum pavement condition standard, and allocated approximately $4 million for paving in the 2016-17 fiscal year and another approximately $3 million in the 2017-18 fiscal year.

Earlier this month the City Council awarded a contract for paving which will begin in July.  It also authorized staff to put a contract out for bid for slurry sealing.  Council is expecting to award a contract for this slurry seal project at the July 18 meeting.

The first paving project will begin in July and is anticipated to continue through September. The current schedule includes maintenance on the following roads intermittently during the dates below:

Calle Real

  • Cathedral Oaks Road to Winchester Canyon Road: August 18 – September 7
  • Winchester Canyon Road to Salisbury Avenue: August 18 – September 8
  • Kingston Avenue to Kellogg Avenue: July 31 – August 30
  • Fairview Avenue to Valdez Avenue: July 24 –  September 1
  • Rochester Place to Brandon Drive: August 18 – September 12
  • Brandon Drive to Calaveras Avenue: August 29 – September 

Hollister Avenue

  • Patterson Avenue to East City Limit: August 4 –31

Los Carneros Road

  • 500 feet north of Hollister Avenue to Calle Koral: July 31 – August 29

Cathedral Oaks Road

  • 100 feet east of Arundel Road to East City Limit: August 14 – September 5
  • Fairview Avenue to 100 feet east of Arundel Road: August 14 – September 5

Cathedral Oaks Class I Bike Trail

  • West End to Alameda Avenue: August 31


The second project is the Pavement Preparation and Slurry Project. It is anticipated this project will go to City Council on July 18 for the purpose of awarding the bid. The slurry seal will begin on arterial streets after Council approval of the bid award. 

A slurry seal is considered for sealing aged and raveled pavements, filing minor cracks, restoring skid resistance and aesthetic appeal on the roadways. It protects and preserves, extending pavement life between five and seven years and results in a pavement that is better to drive on, more aesthetically pleasing, lasts longer and costs less to maintain in the long run.  Prior to beginning slurry work, the following preparations must be taken:

  • A thorough cleaning of the street
  • Removal of weeds and vegetation
  • Removal  of oil and grease accumulations on the pavement
  • Installation of temporary protection for all storm drains, utility covers, monuments and manhole covers during construction

The streets included in this phase are:

  • Calle Real: East side of Cathedral Oaks Road to the west side of Winchester Place
  • Cathedral Oaks Road: East side of Los Carneros Way to west side of Bridge
  • Hollister Avenue: West side of Ward Drive to east side of Sumida Garden Lane
  • S. Patterson Avenue: North City Limits to north side of 101 North Bridge
  • S. Patterson Avenue: South side of the 101 South Bridge to north side of Hollister Avenue
  • S. Patterson Avenue: South side of Ekwill Street to City Limits
  • Storke Road: South side of Bollay Drive to south side of Phelps Drive
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