Up Front with SBPD Recruitment Video

Up Front with SBPD Recruitment Video title=
Up Front with SBPD Recruitment Video
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Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

The Santa Barbara Police Department has just released another episode of “Up Front with SBPD,” discussing employee recruitment.

The series will be posted on City webpages, YouTube, and social media platforms, as well as being played on the City TV Channel (Cox Cable Channel 18).

This will be the final segment with Chief Melekian.

Please visit the Santa Barbara Police Departments social media platforms, or City TV YouTube channel to watch the current episode. (1) Up Front with SBPD: Recruitment - YouTube

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ConservativeSB Jul 14, 2022 01:24 PM
Up Front with SBPD Recruitment Video

234, we do have a committed, dedicated police force. But they are treated like garbage by city council and by the leadership within the police department. Which is why they have record numbers fleeing the department before retirement age. If you interact with ANY of the people who work there, you would know they are treated like garbage. The interim chief has been in the league enforcement game a long time but he is just a politician. He plays the politics games and it infuriates those below him.

a-1657735234 Jul 13, 2022 11:00 AM
Up Front with SBPD Recruitment Video

Conservative SB- what a stupid comment. Police departments everywhere are having recruitment challenges, and those of us lucky enough to be able to live in Santa Barbara know how expensive it is. I'm far from conservative, but recognize that we have a committed, dedicated, police force that has enjoyed great leadership from our interim chief. I don't think they are treated like garbage- by the department or by the community.

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