Up Front with SBPD: Alternative Call Response

Up Front with SBPD: Alternative Call Response title=
Up Front with SBPD: Alternative Call Response
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Source: Santa Barbara Police Department

The Santa Barbara Police Department has just released another episode of “Up Front with SBPD.”  This episode centers around alternative call response and how the Combined Communications Center prioritizes calls for service.

The series will be posted on City webpages, YouTube, and social media platforms, as well as being played on the City TV Channel (Cox Cable Channel 18).

Future topics will feature the Community Formation Commission, recruitment and retention challenges, and the SBPD Co-Response Team.

We encourage community members to reach out to the Police Department with ideas they would like to see covered in future episodes. Please contact Sgt. E. Ragsdale with suggestions. (eragsdale@sbpd.com)

Please visit the Santa Barbara Police Departments social media platforms, or City TV YouTube channel to watch the current episode. Up Front with SBPD: Alternative Call Response - YouTube

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a-1641657741 Jan 08, 2022 08:02 AM
Up Front with SBPD: Alternative Call Response

Barney was asked to take this job on an interim basis, thought it was only for a few months and now is hanging in there until the city council hires a new city manager who will make the hire. And to call him a phony? This guy is respected nationally by police reform experts and locally by the rank and file police. The 'phonies' are the ones bashing him anonymously. No matter which side of the political wars you are on, you should be glad this guy is our current police chief. progressive yet supportive of our local cops.

ZeroHawk Jan 07, 2022 03:16 PM
Up Front with SBPD: Alternative Call Response

phony? have you talked with him? have you watched any of the videos? i've met him twice, talked both times.
also 3 pensions? first off, no he isn't. 2nd it's none of your business. 3rd if you cry about your taxes being wasted on him, why dont YOU spend decades in law enforcement, win awards and medals, become the chief and then you can have a right to criticize him.
I bet yould eat your words when you need them for help. This is just ridiculous of both of you to talk trash about the guy.....knowing as little as you do.

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