Unveiling Heroes: UCSB PaCE’s EMT Program

In the world of emergency medical services, every second counts, and heroes emerge when you least expect them. Picture this: a mountain biker’s joyous ride takes a harrowing turn, or a routine shuttle ride turns into a life-and-death situation at a UCLA football game. What do these scenarios have in common? They’re real-life tales of triumph and courage, all thanks to the graduates of UCSB PaCE’s EMT program.

Madasyn (Maddy) wasted no time after completing our EMT program. Just days after passing her psychomotor exam, she found herself in the middle of a mountain biking adventure. But this wasn’t any ordinary ride. Three days later, she’d become a hero.

As the sun began to set on the trail, Maddy’s group received a distress call. A fellow biker had taken a nasty fall and lay injured, unable to move. Maddy sprang into action, channeling her training. She assessed the situation, stabilized the injured rider’s neck, and kept a close eye on vital signs. Despite the remote location and the paramedic’s hour-and-a-half journey via E-bike, Maddy remained calm and composed. She even utilized a high-tech Garmin watch to monitor the patient’s stats.

In the end, her quick thinking and newly acquired skills ensured that the injured rider received the care he needed. It’s heroes like Maddy who make all the difference when it counts.

Reece Chodorow’s story is equally remarkable. Fresh from our EMT program, Reece attended a UCLA football game with loved ones. What began as an ordinary night took a dramatic turn during the shuttle ride back to the parking lot.

Within minutes, chaos erupted as passengers gathered around an elderly man in distress. Without hesitation, Reece took charge. He found the man unconscious, without a pulse or any signs of life. Reece swiftly initiated chest compressions and guided the situation, performing vital lifesaving actions.

Incredibly, the man began to respond, blinking and slowly regaining consciousness. Reece’s actions not only saved a life but also astounded everyone on the bus, including his girlfriend’s family, who witnessed his heroics.

UCSB PaCE’s EMT program is a testament to the caliber of training it offers. Taught by seasoned professionals, our comprehensive curriculum includes CPR, hands-on clinical hours, and learner support. With a hybrid approach that combines in-person and online instruction, our program boasts an impressive 91% passing rate in the NR-EMT exam.

The program’s success has led to expansion, now welcoming 160 newly certified students each year. This growth reflects the high demand for our program and the quality of instruction. Our small class sizes guarantee personalized attention, fostering a supportive learning environment.

We believe in providing the best tools for success. Our state-of-the-art equipment includes high-fidelity manikins that offer real-time readings and interactive learning. Our program goes above and beyond, incorporating CPR Certification, MCI Drills, and Vehicle Extrication training.

If you’re passionate about emergency medical services and aspire to be a hero in your community, the UCSB PaCE EMT Program is your starting point. Don’t miss this chance to be part of a program with a proven track record. Enroll today and join the ranks of our skilled and dedicated EMTs who are making a difference in the world.

Become a lifesaver today! Enroll in the UCSB PaCE EMT Program and uncover your hero within.


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