UFO Over the Eastside?

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By Steven S.

I saw one distinct star moving at a rate of speed that none of our human crafts can move at. No later than 10 minutes, I saw several human crafts chasing after it. Our human craft double backed and scanned the sky again and again. The UFO ended up going toward the ocean. Did anyone else see it?

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Z Jun 26, 2021 10:40 AM
UFO Over the Eastside?

"Klaatu barada nikto" - say it aloud. again, again. Practice it. mispronunciation could be deadly.

NostraChumash Jun 26, 2021 10:50 AM
UFO Over the Eastside?

Oh my gawd..
I knew exactly what you're refering to..Tim Allen movie.
I'm a nerd.

Artemisia Jun 26, 2021 11:04 AM
UFO Over the Eastside?

No. Tim Allen hadn't been born yet when this movie came out. The Day the Earth Stood Still, 1951, directed by Robert Wise. Accept no substitutes.

bicyclist Jun 26, 2021 11:18 AM
UFO Over the Eastside?

Nostrachumash - Being a big "Tim Allen fan", I'm at a loss as to what "Movie" You are referring to? & totaly agree w/ Artemisia - "Accept no substitutes"!

ChemicalSuperFreak Jun 26, 2021 03:38 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

I guess there aren't a lot of Army of Darkness fans out there. Classic.

doulie Jun 26, 2021 03:45 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

Artemisia - Can't remember what I had for breakfast but you mention The Day The Earth Stood Still and I recall "Klatu." Remember watching the movie in the California Theater, 1st block W. Canon Perdido Street. Cost one thin dime.

Minibeast Jun 26, 2021 03:53 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

2008 remake w/ Keanu Reeves. This thread reminds me of Reddit, where original post can be about anything but soon implodes, devolving into either film/gaming references or else dick talk. However, I do admire the klaatu barada niktu contribution.

ChemicalSuperFreak Jun 26, 2021 03:56 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

"I got it, I got it! I know your damned words, alright!"

Full disclosure: Although the above dialog is from Army of Darkness (1992) the original words "Klaatu barada nikto" were spoken by Michael Rennie in The Day the Earth Stood Still (1951). Only die hard scifi/horror fans would probably know that.

ChemicalSuperFreak Jun 26, 2021 04:53 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

Yes, if you're not a native English speaker.


Ask your handlers in Moscow for a new dictionary.

Artemisia Jun 26, 2021 04:54 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

Chem: "Klaatu barada nikto" was also spoken by Patricia Neal's character to tell Gort that Klaatu was in trouble and needed rescuing. The 1951 original is one of the greatest films ever made. Its message still resonates today.
Mini: sorry, I couldn't bear to watch the 1984 remake.

ChemicalSuperFreak Jun 26, 2021 05:12 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

Artemisia: Yes, the original from 1951 is still timely. The remake was quite bad, so you're not missing anything; it was unnecessary.

Grabber Jun 27, 2021 01:54 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

“Michael Rennie was ill the day the earth stood still but he showed where we stand. Flash Gordon was there in silver underwear……”

millimesa Jun 26, 2021 11:20 AM
UFO Over the Eastside?

What time or direction? If you can't communicate what you saw did you actually see it?

NostraChumash Jun 26, 2021 11:28 AM
UFO Over the Eastside?

I stand corrected!..
I thought it was from Galaxy Quest, but can now see, I 1st heard it in Army of darkness..
Nerd with a bad memory.

bicyclist Jun 26, 2021 02:51 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

West wind Drive-in July 29 @ 8:30PM. Double feature w/MIB & Galaxy Quest[staring Sigourney Weaver, Tony Shalhoub]!!! FREE... I have those on DVD, but the "Big Screen" under the stars cool deal! (I also have that 1951 "The Day the Earth Stood Still" pretty nice B&W, Not as scary as I remembered as a kid, still...)

OpossumBoy Jun 26, 2021 11:48 AM
UFO Over the Eastside?

Other than the apparent speed, is there anything about this light that made you think UFO? Was it silent? Did it make a maneuver that would be impossible for a plane to make?

When I was young my brother and I both watched a light in the sky behaving oddly. For example, as it was traveling along, it suddenly made a right-angle change of direction that no plane could make. More recently, around 20 years ago, while up near the Jesusita trail at night, I saw a huge rectangular object move slowly across the sky. It was around 1/5 the size of the visible night sky from horizon to horizon.

Those that doubt the existence of UFOs should read this report from our national director of intelligence.

a-1624735138 Jun 26, 2021 12:18 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

Well, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Not much at all in that document.

OpossumBoy Jun 26, 2021 02:52 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

wikipedia’s article on UFOs is also kinda interesting.

OpossumBoy Jun 26, 2021 03:41 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

For those that enjoy looking at the night sky, there’s a cool app called SkyView that identifies all the objects you’re looking at, including satellites and space junk like spent rocket boosters. As you hold your phone over your head, it looks through the camera and displays what you’re seeing. Tap on the object and it tells you what it is. Regarding what the op saw, if it was shortly after sunset, it was probably a low earth orbiting satellite. They mostly tend to travel in a north to south direction, which in S.B. would be from the mountains to the sea.

SteadyxBarbarian Jun 26, 2021 11:54 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

It’s funny you say that. I actually have the app and used it while looking at the flying object and nothing showed up in the the app. It was silent and fast.

SteadyxBarbarian Jun 26, 2021 11:55 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

Nothing is extraordinary here. They are more natural than you an I.

SteadyxBarbarian Jun 26, 2021 11:58 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

So, when I saw it and followed it across the sky, it actually disappeared for a couple seconds. When it reappeared, it changed its trajectory toward the ocean.

GeneralTree Jun 26, 2021 02:03 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

Other-worldly unidentified submersible objects (USO's) have been based at the Channel Islands since pre-Chumash times. During World War 2 the United States captured one of these craft and used the technology they found to defeat Germany.

OpossumBoy Jun 26, 2021 03:54 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

The Nazis were defeated by unmerciful bombing raids which reduced cities and towns to rubble. Eventually Hitler committed suicide in his Berlin bomb shelter. As the british and american boots arrived they were greeted by open arms. The people had had enough of the likes of Hermann Goering.

Byzantium Jun 26, 2021 04:41 PM
UFO Over the Eastside?

It was an undocumented flying object, since the word "alien" has been banished from official vocabulary.

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