UCSB Students Move In This Weekend

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UCSB Students Move In This Weekend
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Source: UC Santa Barbara

With the fall quarter nearing its start date, student move-in activities at UC Santa Barbara will impact traffic and parking on and around campus beginning September 19 and continuing through September 22.

Due to the high volume of vehicles bringing students to campus, traffic will be noticeably high throughout these dates. As in previous years, several parking lots will be closed and reserved all weekend in order to ensure safe and efficient move-in activities. One lane of westbound El Colegio Road will be shut down to allow for curbside loading at Santa Catalina.

When: Thursday, Sept. 19 – Sunday, Sept. 22

Where: UC Santa Barbara main campus and residential facilities along El Colegio Road

What: Sierra Madre Parking Lot 65 and Parking Lot 60, across from San Joaquin, will be closed and reserved for move-in activities, Thursday through Sunday. No overnight parking will be allowed.

On Saturday, Sept. 21, and Sunday, Sept. 22, the following on-campus parking lots will also be heavily impacted:

• East campus Parking Lots 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 will be closed. There will be limited parking available in Lot 1 and Structure 10 for staff wishing to access the east campus over the weekend

• Parking Lots 23 and 24, off Ocean Road, will be closed. Parking will be available in Parking Structure 22. Areas likely to be impacted by long-term parking on Saturday and Sunday include Structures 10, 18 and 22, as well as Lots 16, 30 and 38.

• Additionally, a large section of Parking Lot 30 will be restricted Friday, Sept. 20, through Sunday, Sept. 22, in preparation for the UCSB Men’s Soccer game on Sunday.

• Finally, to accommodate the high volume of traffic at Santa Catalina, where move-in occurs over three days (Friday–Sunday), one lane of westbound El Colegio Road will be shut down to allow for curbside loading. This closure has been approved by Santa Barbara County and will be staffed by professional traffic control contractors.

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a-1591187319 Sep 19, 2019 03:59 PM
UCSB Students Move In This Weekend

It's not the density of the traffic that changes so much as the reckless speeding and zooming from the #1 lane to the offramp at Ward Memorial, Fairview or Los Carneros that gets me. You can feel the traffic vibe change and know, without benefit of these kinds of reports, that UCSB and SBCC are back in session.

ParvoPup Sep 19, 2019 03:42 PM
UCSB Students Move In This Weekend

Magic 8 Ball says stolen bicycle reports will skyrocket next month followed closely by piles of abandoned e-scooters on every street corner along Hollister again. Worst will be having to avoid any attempts at shopping at the Goleta Trader Joes and the Albertsons for another 9 months.

a-1591187319 Sep 19, 2019 03:56 PM
UCSB Students Move In This Weekend

Trader Joe's maybe, but Albertson's? That store is gigantic, the parking lot is enormous. I've never had a problem with having to stand in line there, as most students are in the Express Lanes or self-check at grocery stores.

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