UCSB Ranked on America's Best Value Colleges

UCSB Ranked on America's Best Value Colleges title=
UCSB Ranked on America's Best Value Colleges
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Aerial view of UCSB (Photo: John Wiley)

Forbes recently ranked UC Santa Barbara #11 on their list of “America’s Best Value Colleges.”

The finance-centered magazine focused on the student's perspective of the cost of education. 77% of those attending four-year public schools got some form of financial aid in 2015-16 as did 86% who attended private ones, according to a National Center for Education Statistics report

Forbes’ third annual America’s Best Value Colleges ranking of 300 schools is aimed to help students make the best decision for their future education and financial goals. They score each school in the following areas: net price, net debt, alumni earnings, timely graduation, school quality and access for low-income students. The list evaluates institutions offering four-year degrees and does not include private for-profit schools like University of Phoenix or DeVry University. For state schools, they use in-state tuition. (See more on their methodology here.) 

UC Los Angeles and UC Berkeley were ranked number one and two this year with Brigham Young University coming in at number three.

UC Santa Barbara was ranked at number eleven for an average cost of $59,911 and average financial aid of $19,104.

The full list is available on Forbes.com.

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RHS Apr 23, 2018 02:42 PM
UCSB Ranked on America's Best Value Colleges

UCSB, like all UC schools, is a fine institution. At the in state rate it is a great value. Not clear that it is better than a huge number of private schools that cost just about as much to attend as would a non-resident pay at UCSB. Not clear what criteria was used to determine this ranking which is (as always) incredibly subjective. The study says this: "The net price is a college’s sticker price for tuition, fees, room and board minus the grants, scholarships, and education tax benefits students receive." So this seems to be an average of costs for instate and out of state attendees. Clearly the value (and average cost) is hugely better for an instate student.

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