UCSB Looks at Ecological Life on Santa Cruz Island with 'Otherworldly'

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(Santa Barbara, Calif.) — As you ascend the steep, rough switchbacks, holding tightly to a hand-built bench in the rear of a flatbed pickup truck, water wells in your eyes. Not from fear, but from sheer disbelief. 

What you see: A rugged landscape of every hue, undeveloped, untouched. Wild. What you hear: Nothing. Not a single thing but your own breathing. You inhale and the air catches in your throat. What words apply?

Insert your preferred superlative here. Magnificent. Spectacular. Glorious. Grab a thesaurus and take your pick. The adjectives will come fast and furious, but the perfect word eludes in the face of beauty indescribable.

To view the complete story, open the attached news release, or, for the immersive multimedia experience, go to http://www.news.ucsb.edu/santa-cruz-island

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