UCSB Chancellors Orders Staff to Stay at Home

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Source: Office of the UCSB Chancellor

Dear Members of Our Campus Community,

[On Thursday night], Governor Gavin Newsom and the California State Public Health Officer and Director of the California Department of Public Health issued an order directing all residents of California to stay at home or their place of residence effective immediately and until further notice. According to the order, essential services (gas, grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, etc.) and state and local government functions, including the higher education sector, will remain open.  

As an institution of higher education, our campus will remain open to provide essential services, but in order to comply with the order, we will need to further minimize the number of people on campus as much as possible while still maintaining the critical functions of the University, including offering remote instruction for the spring quarter

• At this time, only those employees who must be on campus to maintain critical operations and functions should come to the campus. Those individuals who cannot work from home and are not designated as essential service providers by their managers or supervisors are eligible for paid administrative leave described in the recent executive order by UC President Janet Napolitano.

• Any remaining in-person finals scheduled for Friday are canceled, and alternative arrangements for those finals will be made at a later date. 

• Our campus housing and dining services will continue operations as planned in order to support those students who need to remain in campus housing. 

• Student Health Services will continue to provide service to our students who remain in the area.

Our campus has already taken a number of proactive actions to help protect the health and well-being of our community that are consistent with the new order, including:

• Ending in-person instruction for the spring quarter;

• Minimizing the number of people on campus through remote work arrangements;

• Closing the UC Santa Barbara Library, UCen, RecCen, and the SRB;

• Ending non-essential business-related travel.

We are in the process of evaluating additional actions that may be required as a result of this statewide order, and will write again with additional updates as soon as possible. The health and well-being of our community is our top priority, and will continue to guide the steps we take to address these extraordinary circumstances. 

Henry T. Yang

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Bobbyk Mar 21, 2020 01:03 PM
UCSB Chancellors Orders Staff to Stay at Home

Consequences : These are the accounts of a Louisiana ICU Respiratory Therapist .“It first struck me how different it was when I saw my first coronavirus patient go bad. I was like, Holy shit, this is not the flu. Watching this relatively young guy, gasping for air, pink frothy secretions coming out of his tube and out of his mouth. The ventilator should have been doing the work of breathing but he was still gasping for air, moving his mouth, moving his body, struggling. We had to restrain him. With all the coronavirus patients, we’ve had to restrain them. They really hyperventilate, really struggle to breathe. When you’re in that mindstate of struggling to breathe and delirious with fever, you don’t know when someone is trying to help you, so you’ll try to rip the breathing tube out because you feel it is choking you, but you are drowning.
“When someone has an infection, I’m used to seeing the normal colors you’d associate with it: greens and yellows. The coronavirus patients with ARDS have been having a lot of secretions that are actually pink because they’re filled with blood cells that are leaking into their airways. They are essentially drowning in their own blood and fluids because their lungs are so full. So we’re constantly having to suction out the secretions every time we go into their rooms.”

I do not want to catch this.

Luvaduck Mar 22, 2020 08:09 AM
UCSB Chancellors Orders Staff to Stay at Home

Thank you for this graphic description. I hope some of the people--mostly young people--read this and get a wake-up call. This is a nasty way to die and no one knows what the cost to your life will be even if you manage to recover.

SBCountyLocal Mar 21, 2020 12:49 PM
UCSB Chancellors Orders Staff to Stay at Home

A responsible decision. I hope they are actively educating students about this disease. Many young people are ignoring the social distancing requirements and it is very scary to see when you realize the consequences.

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