UC Santa Barbara Reverses Course, Reinstates Original Commencement Location and Increases Ticket Allotment

UC Santa Barbara commencement ceremony in 2017 (Photo: Matt Perko/UCSB)

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June 6, 2024

UC Santa Barbara decided to move its graduation ceremony location again.

The university has a long history of hosting its graduations for the majority of its students at the lawn by the campus lagoon known as “Commencement Green.” Last week, students were notified the location would be changed to the Recreation Center Fields and tickets would be limited to six per graduate instead of its normal first-come, first serve reservation system. (Read our initial story on this below)

On Thursday, the university decided to reverse course and move the graduation ceremonies back to the “Commencement Green.”

Additionally, UCSB decided to double the number of tickets each graduate can reserve. Now each of the six tickets will qualify as entry for two people, making the total allotment of twelve guests per graduate.

An official statement has not been released by UCSB on why there were two abrupt changes in the past week.

When the initial location change was made, students and their families were vocally opposed to the restrictions and started an online petition that has garnered over 2,800 signatures.

UC Santa Barbara Switches Commencement Location and Limits Guests

By the edhat staff
June 4, 2024

The University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB) has made a sudden decision to adjust its graduation ceremony venue and impose restrictions limiting guests to just 6 individuals.

Normally held near the lagoon, also known as “Commencement Green,” the majority of commencement ceremonies have been moved to Recreation Center Fields, behind Robertson Gym and the Recreation Center.

In years past, graduates were able to reserve guest tickets on a first come, first-serve basis, but this year tickets are being limited to six people per graduate.

The seven commencement ceremonies affected are scheduled between June 14-16 and “guests are subject to security screening,” according to UCSB’s website.

The unexpected change has left many students disappointed, as they express concerns over the modifications to their long-awaited celebration.

A petition created by a graduating UCSB senior has garnered over 2,500 signatures asking for the location to remain near the lagoon and for increased ticket availability.

“The class of 2020 has already lost an entire year in dorms and missed out on a normal high school graduation. We have been looking forward to our college graduation ceremony, only to have it shifted to the recreation center field and the tickets limited. This milestone is significant for us, especially after enduring so many disruptions,” the petition statement reads.

“We urge UCSB to give the class of 2020 the graduation ceremony we deserve and have eagerly anticipated. Move our graduation back to the commencement green where it belongs! Family should not have to be left out of this milestone.”

Many students commenting on the petition page express their frustration over the ticket limitation and the last-minute notice stating numerous family members have already purchased their airfare and lodging accommodations.

“It’s literally 2 weeks before, my family is coming out from across the country with nonrefundable flights, this is absolutely unacceptable,” wrote one student.

“I’m supposed to be studying for finals but now I have to worry about which friends and family members to choose to watch me graduate, thanks Yang,” wrote another.

While the university has yet to make an official statement on the reasons for this change, it comes at a time when college administrators throughout the country are cancelling or altering graduation ceremonies due to protests against the war in Gaza.

Protests are taking place on all ten University of California campuses, including UCSB.

The same day UCSB issued an email to graduating students about the changes, UCSB academic workers went on strike in support of students protesting the war.

As part of the United Auto Workers Local 4811 (UAW) student workers, teaching assistants, and graduate students walked off the job on Monday to protest the University of California’s “Unfair Labor Practices.”

This is regarding the UC’s response to pro-Palestinian protests and encampments on its ten UC campuses. Six of the ten campuses have been authorized to strike: UCSB, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Santa Cruz, UCLA, and UC Davis.

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  1. I think we’re all pretty much sick of the organized chaos caused by these pro Palestinian protestors half of whom were caught on camera admitting they have no idea why they’re even protesting. Hopefully the world wake up soon. Funny how all these anti-government kids were quiet over the last 10 years as Assad slaughtered half a million of his own people and Sudan descended into an utter hellhole. I guess if there’s no Jews to blame, it’s no fun protesting? Pretty ridiculous…

  2. Very happy they reversed the rash decision to change everything up at the last minute. If they’re worried about protestors, have more police presence or whatever makes them feel safe from angry, but peaceful, students.

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