Two Car Thieves Arrested in Buellton After Search

Two Car Thieves Arrested in Buellton After Search title=
Two Car Thieves Arrested in Buellton After Search
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Photo: Santa Barbara Sheriff's Office

Update by Santa Barbara County Sheriff's Office

At 12:45 this afternoon, Sheriff’s Dispatch broadcast a be-on-the-lookout from the California Highway Patrol (CHP) for a vehicle that was stolen from Isla Vista. At 1:37 p.m., a deputy on patrol in the Buellton area received and LoJack alert that the vehicle was nearby. Within minutes, deputies located the vehicle, a white Audi SUV, in the area of Thumbelina Drive and Odense Street. Two suspects ran from the vehicle and 59-year-old Jeffrey Stoltz of Buellton was quickly detained. 

Additional units including County Air Support, Sheriff’s K9 units, and a CHP K9 unit quickly responded and set up containment of the area for the second suspect. The second suspect, 53-year-old Sean Lynn of Goleta was found by Sheriff’s Deputies and Sheriff’s K9 Duke in the backyard of a home in the 400-blk of Kendale Road where he was taken into custody without further incident. A records check of Lynn revealed an outstanding felony no-bail warrant for a violation of post-release community supervision for assault with a deadly weapon other than a firearm. 

Both suspects will be booked at the Santa Barbara County Jail. Stoltz will be booked for possession of drug paraphernalia (misdemeanor), destruction of evidence (misdemeanor), and vehicle theft (felony) with a bail of $25,000. Lynn will be booked for vehicle theft (felony), and the no-bail warrant. Booking photos are expected to be available tomorrow morning. The California Highway Patrol will be handling the stolen vehicle recovery report. 

Sean Lynn
Jeffrey Stoltz

By edhat staff

Santa Barbara Sheriff's Deputies are searching a Buellton neighborhood for a suspect who fled from a stolen vehicle.

Just after 2:00 p.m. Wednesday, the Sheriff's Office stated Deputies are in the area of Thumbelina and Odense off Highway 246 in Buellton. They are searching for a suspect that ran from a stolen vehicle.

Deputies have asked for people to avoid the area.

The incident is ongoing and edhat will update this article with more information as soon as it's available.

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CoastWatch Feb 20, 2020 07:28 AM
Two Car Thieves Arrested in Buellton After Search

More CA criminals that should still be in jail, that are now out on release and causing mayhem among us... You voted these legislators in and you voted for these crazy lax "criminal reform" laws...

LCP112233 Feb 20, 2020 02:15 PM
Two Car Thieves Arrested in Buellton After Search

You are exactly right Coastwatch. I have known that Stoltz guy since grammar school. He has been in jail and/or prison more times than I can count on both fingers and toes. No good meth head and career criminal like so many of his friends in Buellton.

SantaBarbaraObserver Feb 20, 2020 07:37 AM
Two Car Thieves Arrested in Buellton After Search

It must be exhausting being so "right" all the time Coast. Makes one wonder why you would choose to live in CA at all let alone in one of the most liberal cities in the land...

a-1586265048 Feb 19, 2020 03:10 PM
Two Car Thieves Arrested in Buellton After Search

As of 3:09 pm the helicopters are still flying over Solvang heading to Buellton. A friend there just called me to say there were "at least six police cars in the Thumbelina neighborhood along with one circling chopper. Crime tape circles a vehicle that is suspected to be stolen sans driver who is on the loose right now.

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