Trout Release Expected This Month at Lake Cachuma

Trout Release Expected This Month at Lake Cachuma title=
Trout Release Expected This Month at Lake Cachuma
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Source: County of Santa Barbara

Trout season at Cachuma Lake is here again and just in time for the holidays. Fishing is an enjoyable way to spend time off recreating with friends and family, but can also be great for some relaxing solo time amidst the busy holiday season. If you have an angler on your shopping list, consider a Parks Annual Pass, which can be purchased by calling (805) 568-2460 and select option 6.

In cooperation with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Santa Barbara County Parks has arranged for a Private Stocking Permit for the 2018/2019 season. The first 4,000-pound load of triploid rainbow trout will arrive mid-December with fish ranging in size from half-pound “catchables,” to eight pound “trophies.” Additional releases are tentatively set for the spring of 2019. The 4,000-pound load will make its way from Mt. Lassen Trout Farms, Inc., in Paynes Creek, Calif., which has supplying rainbow trout for many years. 

During the fall and winter months, trout fishing peaks because the water is cooler resulting in more active fish. Throughout these months, trout fishing is considered good from the shore and can be excellent in deeper channels. For up-to-date fishing tips and summaries, check the Cachuma Lake Weekly Fishing Report at

All of your needs for a successful excursion of trout fishing is available for purchase or rent at the Cachuma Lake Marina and Boat Rentals, which also offer pontoons, outboards and kayak rentals, as well as one-day and annual fishing licenses. Fishing from the shore in the recreation area or from a boat is open year-round with a valid fishing license. It is recommended to check lake hours and weather conditions prior to  visiting Cachuma Lake Recreation Area.

For more information, contact the marina at (805) 688-4040. Please note that due to the 30-day Quagga restrictions at the lake, boats should be inspected and tagged by Cachuma Lake staff at least 30 days prior to your visit.

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PitMix Dec 12, 2018 11:58 AM
Trout Release Expected This Month at Lake Cachuma

I guess I am the "special interest". My comment is that this is just such an artificial thing that we have created that looks very little like what fishing was for originally. In the beginning there were a few people and plenty of fish, and so people fished to eat and survive. Now there are a lot of people and not very many fish, so we have to create fish farms and raise them in ponds and truck them 100s of miles so that anglers can have some fun and also support the many businesses at Lake Cachuma. I understand that anglers like this peaceful recreation, and it probably reminds them of the good times they had with whoever taught them to fish, but at some point will it make any sense to continue with this complicated and probably very expensive system?

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