Trespass Trail and Hot Springs Hike

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Trespass Trail and Hot Springs Hike
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By Robert Bernstein

With so many other events lately, I am a bit behind on my Sierra Club hike photos!

Here are my photos from a hike I led at Gaviota on the "Trespass Trail" with some enjoyable side trips!

Regular hiker Poorva brought her parents along who were visiting from India for the first time! Here is Poorva with her parents along with Sierra Club Outings Chair Tony Biegen and Santa Barbara Hikes Web Site Wizard Diane Soini

We had twelve happy hikers for the occasion!

We started at the Gaviota Peak trailhead, near the Gaviota tunnel, along Highway 101. We soon branched off of that trail onto the Trespass Trail. Then we soon branched again onto the Tunnel View Trail which is not well known. As you can see, it is very dry out there!

But there were still a few flowers and berries

But then I mentioned the side trail leading down to and under Highway 101. New signage shows it as the "Underpass Trail". Most of the group wanted to check this out even though it meant adding a mile to the hike as well as hundreds of feet down and back up.

The highlight of this area: Gnarled oak trees

Someone has been maintaining this trail in fairly good condition

But the lower part near the freeway is a bit overgrown

But we pushed through and soon made it to the "secret" tunnel under the northbound lanes!

Then we continued under the southbound lanes!

That area has become a popular home for swallows to build nests, too!

My wife had been waiting with Poorva's mother Jignasa above under the shade of the oak trees.

Then we made our way back up to the Tunnel View Trail.

Did I mention how dry it is out there?

We paused for some photo ops at the Gaviota Pass, above the Gaviota Tunnel

After going a bit further, Outings Chair Tony Biegen was kind enough to escort Jignasa on a short cut over to the Hot Springs to meet us. The rest of us climbed up to the Trespass Trail and looped back around for some higher (and even drier!) views.

We continued back on the Trespass Trail to the main Gaviota Peak Trail. Then to the little side trail leading to the Gaviota Hot Springs.

Several of us planned ahead and wore bathing suits and lounged in the wonderfully warm and relaxing sulphur springs. Others just soaked their feet.

We joined in with some other bathers, too!

As we headed out, a big group came up from below. Good timing, as we had finished enjoying the experience!

It was good to see that area was not so dry as where we had been hiking before. We even spotted this flower.

Stand by for more hike photos!

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sbrobert Aug 11, 2018 03:57 PM
Trespass Trail and Hot Springs Hike

KENDOVIEJO: Thank you for identifying the flowers.
SPRIGOFSAGE, FLICKA and EASTBEACH: Thank you for the very kind words. Yes, people indeed enjoyed this outing! Yes, that passage under the freeway is not well known. It can be useful as a way to access trails on the ocean side of the freeway. At times the Gaviota State Beach access is washed out, but this access can remain open.
EASTBEACH: Regarding the trail toward the ranches, you are correct. The Sierra Club sometimes offers a much more strenuous hike to Gaviota Peak. That hike goes up the regular Gaviota Peak Trail. Then it returns through the private ranches on the Trespass Trail. They are OK with it as long as we close the gates!

EastBeach Aug 09, 2018 10:27 AM
Trespass Trail and Hot Springs Hike

I had no idea there was a trail that went under the 101. But I downloaded the trail map from the park's website and there it is! Will have to check that out soon. I've also been curious where the trail leading east from Gaviota Peak goes. I'd guess through some private ranches. Thanks for sharing!

KendoViejo Aug 09, 2018 08:27 AM
Trespass Trail and Hot Springs Hike

The flowers in order of appearance: White Stemmed Filaree (Erodium brachycarpum); Ladies' Tobacco (Psuedognaphalium californicum)-my best guess without seeing the leaves, but could be Pearly Everlasting (Anaphalis margaritacea); Redberry (Rhamnus crocea); Yerba mansa (Anemopsis californica).

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