Trees Cut Down at Douglas Preserve?

Cut down trees at Douglas Preserve (courtesy)

A neighbor said the dead trees along the Douglas Preserve bluff have all been cut down. It’s those trees full of woodpecker homes.

My neighbor said they contacted the park’s urban forester who stated the trees were cut down by mistake without the consultation of ecologists.

Does anyone else have any other information or know what can be done?

Cut down trees at Douglas Preserve (courtesy)

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  1. Only thing that can be done is to plant more trees.

    Petition the city to do so and it will eventually happen.

    Or, start a sapling or buy a couple and I’m sure some volunteers would join in planting them / paying for them.

    Imagine if we all planted 2 trees a year in public places

  2. ?!?! the trees were cut down by mistake without the consultation of ecologists. ??!! HUH?! If there was no consultation, it seems like more than a “mistake.” Maybe a crime? It’s not possible to “accidentally” cut down trees.

  3. That rotten Woodpecker acorn vault is a widow maker.
    If you like birds more than trees, raise your hand and slap yourself.
    Not a Pecker home. Just their version of a pantry in the lean month’s.
    Eventually the tree loses and that is the piece in the photo
    Most of the Cypress has been removed from Jalama because they were afraid that they would fall on someone.
    Upside is, they make great firewood for a campfire because when they burn they spit and pop.

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