Travels to Oregon

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By Tom Modugno

We went to Oregon for a wedding recently. It was nice to be somewhere so green and with lots of rivers everywhere! No wonder so many Californians are moving up there.

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Flicka Sep 04, 2018 08:59 AM
Travels to Oregon

In the 1960s a lot of young people moved to Oregon. They were impressed they could buy a home with some property for much less than down here. Some sold their tract houses and moved then found out it was so green because there wasn't full time sun, lots of rain. Another thing was wages weren't comparable to here. One friend got "cabin fever", left her husband and moved back here. Also, if they decided to come back they couldn't afford to buy a house because the prices had skyrocketed and selling the Oregon digs gave them a piddling amount to relocate. My advice is if want to move away from SB and you own a home don't sell, rent it in case you change your mind and want to return..

oceandrew Sep 04, 2018 11:16 AM
Travels to Oregon

Good advice. The reason "the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence" is that you can't see that dirt, sludge and critters lurking underneath are no different than on the side you're on. Wherever you go there you are.

tribalnomad Sep 04, 2018 06:49 PM
Travels to Oregon

I moved from Santa Barbara to Ashland, Oregon two years ago and LOVE it here!
We have only 20 inches of rain here and are surrounded by amazing wilderness.
Btw Tom... I was your massage therapist many years ago back in S.B.

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