Transient Throwing Firecrackers at Gas Station

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By Roger the Scanner Guy

Code 415pc: Possible transient throwing firecrackers at Fuel Tanks at a Gas Station on San Andres, near Foodland.

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Luvaduck Jul 07, 2021 09:20 AM
Transient Throwing Firecrackers at Gas Station

Problem is they are NOT transients (or tourists). Transients go away; tourists pay for their lodging (& bed tax), food, recreational needs: cigs, booze, drugs, if they use; cell phones, laptops, designer sunglasses, bikes and other athletic gear.

Marathoner Jul 07, 2021 12:16 AM
Transient Throwing Firecrackers at Gas Station

Funny there have been jerks with their firecrackers all through the weekend but now a casual speculation that this one was a 'possible transient' has unleashed a torrent of spleen towards houseless persons. For all you know this had nothing to do with any homeless person it could be anyone. Shameful commenters here, lighten up and stick to the known facts.

Roger Jul 07, 2021 05:29 AM
Transient Throwing Firecrackers at Gas Station

Again I report what I hear on the scanner they said TRANSIENT so I posted it don't like the term? We can call them THUGS if that suits your little agenda Sweet Cheeks.

Transparent Jul 06, 2021 03:36 PM
Transient Throwing Firecrackers at Gas Station

I want to thank EdHat for collecting the litany of chaos going down. [I know the EdHat record is nowhere near a complete list, but it's a great start.] Transparency is one key pillars of accountability and informed change.

The existing powers are way out of touch, for example the one council member that literally talks about how Santa Barbara looks to her from her perch way up in the hills. The YouTube videos about the chaos on Venice Beach have done more good than most politicians do in their lifetimes.

It's amazing and funny that our neighbors (the real neighbors!) on the East Side are the ones now starting to lead the demands that we clean up this nonsense... because they are bearing the brunt of our policy of rosy-eyed neglect and laziness.

Madame Rue Jul 06, 2021 03:28 PM
Transient Throwing Firecrackers at Gas Station

Our city leaders may move the homeless problem and try to make it less visible, it is a great idea except for one thing, it does not work, you would think we would know this by now. All the free programs that have been tried for decades only makes the matter worse and attracts more homeless. We are just creating dependents in perpetuity. Way to many people with their hand out. What happened to "Teach a man to fish"?

Byzantium Jul 07, 2021 09:53 AM
Transient Throwing Firecrackers at Gas Station

Making vagrants more visible will bring this corrosive problem to an end a lot sooner. See the real problems vagrants are causing for all of us; not the gauzy, sugar-coated Homeless Inc version of the down on their luck "homeless".

Byzantium Jul 06, 2021 02:40 PM
Transient Throwing Firecrackers at Gas Station

Sounds like a perfect recruit for the city's $10,000 a month motel stay. Play by the rules now, and color only within the lines. Be better. That should work.

Rypert Johnson Jul 06, 2021 01:29 PM
Transient Throwing Firecrackers at Gas Station

So now the "houseless neighbors" want to resort to overtly terrorization of the communities. Fantastic. I wonder what excuses the enablers will think of now. More and more, each passing day, I see the comments here, aside from making my own.
It is turning into a pattern that indicates, given on the ratio of those defending the "houseless neighbors" to those not defending them, the people are getting fed up with the bad behavior of the "houseless neighbors" and the damage they inflict.
Enough is enough already, the welcome mat needs to be rolled up, the door locked the the "NO VACANCY" sign needs to be turned on.
This isn't the average homeless we're dealing with. It is able bodied young vagrants for the most part living out their anarchist fantasy. Time to bring them down tot he real world.
Those with warrants, areest them. Those committing crimes, arrest them. Those willing to go back where they came from, get them bus fare and send them off. The true homeless that need help, get them assessed and processed into the system and away from the abusers known as "houseless neighbors" who are victimizing them. Enough already.

bosco Jul 06, 2021 12:03 PM
Transient Throwing Firecrackers at Gas Station

This morning I noticed they were finally cleaning up the camps on the Cabrillo/Castillo Onramps. Expect a bunch of grumpy homeless people wandering around today.

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