Traffic Control and Striping Changes on Las Positas Road

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Source: City of Santa Barbara

Temporary traffic control and striping changes will be implemented along Las Positas Road between Modoc Road and Cliff Drive beginning on Monday, January 11 through October 2021 as part of the Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multiuse Pathway Project. The northbound bike lane will be temporarily removed within a portion of this segment, just north of Cliff Drive. Speed limit will be reduced to 35 mph, and traffic shifted to allow enough buffer for construction work to occur safely. Drivers must temporarily share the road with cyclists and proceed cautiously within the Las Positas corridor during construction.

The Las Positas and Modoc Roads Multiuse Pathway is a Vision Zero project that will create a safe separation for bicyclists, runners, and pedestrians from higher speed vehicle traffic along Las Positas and Modoc Roads. The 2.6-mile long path is a transformative project that will connect the beach, schools, parks, and commercial centers with the community along the Pacific Coastal and Crosstown Bike Routes.

The project is funded primarily through Active Transportation Program (ATP) grant funds in addition to local Measure C funds for local matching costs. Click here to subscribe and stay informed on updates regarding this transformative project. The City thanks the public for their continued cooperation and patience during construction of this important Vision Zero Project.

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PitMix Jan 11, 2021 10:34 AM
Traffic Control and Striping Changes on Las Positas Road

We must kill the bike lane in order to save it! Great thinking by the City's transportation Dept. They had reduced the speed limit on Modoc to 35 during the ongoing project there, but I didn't see that people slowed down any. But since it is down to one lane in both directions, cars were piling up behind people trying to turn left into Veronica Springs and the Hidden Valley neighborhood. Can anyone at the City tell us how many tickets were issued on Modoc for speeding during this project. My bet is that it is 0.

sbdude Jan 11, 2021 12:43 PM
Traffic Control and Striping Changes on Las Positas Road

Just drove up Las Positas northbound. There were cyclists (for which there is now ZERO room) and cars were swerving into the coned-off middle lane to avoid them. If you are a driver please use extreme caution, and if you are a cyclist (I am one) please, if you can, avoid Las Positas! It is super dangerous!

RHS Jan 12, 2021 06:11 PM
Traffic Control and Striping Changes on Las Positas Road

This bikeway will be a nice addition to the community. However it is designed to feed into a further bikepath that will dramatically impact Modoc and Mission and the Westside. People should stop and ask if the fancy of a few bike riders is worth the destruction of a community . We stopped and actually removed freeways that were ruining neighborhoods in SB and LA and even bizarre proposals to put a freeway along the mountains north of Santa Barbara. Do not destroy the Jacaranda trees on Mission and do not allow the closing of parking and pedestrian access on the Westside.

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