Toro Creek Bridge Now Open to Two-Way Traffic

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Source: Caltrans

Caltrans has announced that the Toro Creek Bridge is now open to two-way traffic with final striping scheduled for next week during the daytime hours.
This striping operation will result in a temporary closure of the bridge with the previous detour in place.  This bridge was one of six along State Route 192 which were damaged in the Montecito Debris Flow in January 2018.
The Arroyo Paredon Creek Bridge was completed in May, the Romero Canyon and Toro Canyon Bridges were opened in January of 2019 and the San Ysidro Creek Bridge was completed in April of 2019.  The Montecito Creek Bridge was re-opened in November 2019, so all six bridges are now complete.
Work is continuing as the contractor works to place the bicycle/pedestrian railing at all five bridges. The public will encounter continued lane closures as the contractor works to complete punch list work, final striping, and demobilization. All work is anticipated to be completed by early February 2020.
The contractor for this $20 million project to restore five bridges was Security Paving Company of Sylmar, CA.  Lash Construction of Santa Barbara was the contractor for the sixth project, the $10 million replacement of the Arroyo Paredon Bridge.

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Oakcreek Jan 12, 2020 11:39 AM
Toro Creek Bridge Now Open to Two-Way Traffic

Congratulations are owing to Caltrans for nearly completing this project which was started in April of 2018 and was first projected to be complete in August of 2018. Subsequent to the 8/18 completion date, there were 6 future completion dates that were missed which added 17 months to the still unfinished project. Congratulations also to Security Paving of Sylmar who mismanaged to complete this project in record time (last) of the four bridges they built on East Valley Road.

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