Thursday Update: 451 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Thursday Update: 451 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases title=
Thursday Update: 451 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases
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By edhat staff

Santa Barbara County Public Health Department (PHD) reports an additional 11 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the county today. The total number of confirmed cases is 451.

Of the 11 new cases, two are persons who are incarcerated at the Federal Correctional Institution in Lompoc and part of the identified outbreak. More information about the ages and locations of each case can be found here.

One hundred thirty-eight (138) people are recovering at home, Thirty-nine (39) are recovering in a hospital, thirteen (13) of whom are in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU), two hundred fifty-seven (257) have fully recovered, and twelve (12) are pending an update. Five (5) deaths have been reported.

Of the total 451 cases, 57 are healthcare workers.

SLO and Ventura Counties

San Luis Obispo County is reporting 149 total confirmed cases. Of the total, 119 have fully recovered, 28 are recovering at home, 1 person is hospitalized in the ICU, and there has been 1 death.

As of Thursday, Ventura is reporting 14 new cases for a total of 465. Of the total, 245 have fully recovered, 26 are in the hospital with 7 in the ICU, and there have been 16 deaths.

The latest death is reported as a 37-year-old male died as the result of a drug overdose with COVID-19 infection as significant comorbidity and contributing condition.

Residents who visit County of Ventura-managed beaches are urged to follow guidelines outlined in the Stay Well At Home Order issued by County of Ventura Public Health Officer Dr. Robert Levin.

Kiddie Beach, Silver Strand Beach and Hollywood Beach, managed by the Ventura County Harbor Department, have remained open for outdoor activity to afford residents relief. Residents are encouraged to use the beaches for essential physical activity such as walking, running, and jogging, while practicing social distancing guidelines. Beach visitors are not allowed to gather with groups on the beach outside their household.

“Ventura County residents should be proud of their efforts during this time and we want to make sure we continue to flatten the curve,” said Mark Sandoval, Harbor Department Director. “Practicing social distancing guidelines, particularly at the beach, is important. Not following these guidelines may result in our County-managed beaches being shut down for the foreseeable future.”

Director Sandoval said the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department will increase patrolling of the three beaches to ensure guidelines are being met.

Parking lots and bathrooms at the three beaches will remain closed.

Please check in with your City to learn about guidelines for your area. All beaches have parking lots and bathrooms closed.

Cottage Health Partners with Vitalant for Blood Plasma

Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital and the Cottage Health Research Institute (CHRI) have partnered with Vitalant in Santa Barbara to use blood plasma donated by people who have recovered from COVID-19 to help those who are fighting the illness. Known as “convalescent plasma,” this blood component contains antibodies that may give hospital patients an extra boost in their recovery.

CHRI led the efforts for Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital to become an approved site for the Multiple Patient Expanded Access protocol with Mayo Clinic for convalescent plasma treatment. Currently, three patients have received convalescent plasma transfusion as part of this emergency investigational new drug research.

Currently, there are no vaccines or proven treatments for COVID-19 because the virus is so new. Although trials for a vaccine are underway, it is expected to be many months before one is approved. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has identified and approved convalescent plasma treatment as an emergency investigational new drug. It is currently the only antibody treatment available to COVID-19 patients and, as such, is a promising new tool.

This form of investigational treatment may give the body more fight against COVID-19 by using antibodies that are active against the disease. Cottage and Vitalant are gearing up to help patients fight this novel infectious disease with the help of willing recovered COVID-19 patients.

“Convalescent plasma is an exciting option for patients, especially as we struggle to find effective medications for those with severe COVID-19,” said Dr. Lynn Fitzgibbons, Chair of Division of Infectious Disease, Medical Education Director of Quality and Research, and Chair of the Institutional Review Board at Cottage Health.

“With this treatment, we hope to harness the wisdom of the immune system from those who have successfully beaten this disease, and use this wisdom, in the form of antibodies, to help the next patient suffering from this infection,” Dr. Fitzgibbons added. “I’m so grateful for the kindness of our wonderful donors, who in the wake of their own illness are offering to help those currently experiencing the severe forms of this disease.”

Vitalant is seeking convalescent plasma donors to help patients.  Eligibility criteria are:

  • Prior diagnosis of COVID-19, documented by a laboratory test
  • Complete resolution of symptoms for at least 14 days
  • Meet all other current FDA donor eligibility requirements to donate plasma


Even with these requirements, there may be additional tests or other criteria required. In some instances, those who have recovered from COVID-19 may be able to donate, even if they did not have an initial laboratory test. Those who meet that criteria and want to donate plasma are encouraged to apply through the Vitalant website For more information, please call
866-CV-PLSMA (866-287-5762).

Vitalant will only accept donors who meet all FDA-required donor eligibility criteria and are symptom-free for at least 14 days.  Potential donors can only donate if they have applied and have been accepted to the program. Donors cannot walk in for this procedure; they must first fill out the form at to begin the application process. Potential donors will then be contacted by Vitalant.

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a-1587758482 Apr 24, 2020 01:01 PM
Thursday Update: 451 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

MacP: would you please refrain from using the term "fruitcake"....that term is offensive, which is your intent, but still very hurtful and mean-spirited. You keep using it over and over, so maybe come up with some other offensive term to make others feel less than worthless.

Chip of SB Apr 24, 2020 01:08 PM
Thursday Update: 451 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

A couple of months ago the Business Insider ran an article saying it was racist to suggest the virus originated as a result of people eating bats. Oops, that turned out to be the mainstream narrative. A few weeks back ZeroHedge was banned from Twitter for suggesting the virus originated from a lab. Oops, a few days ago FoxNews ran an article explaining why confidence in the lab origin theory increasing. The lab was located near the wet market and focused heavily on collecting various corona viruses from bats and studying them. They published papers and videos about going into caves and collecting samples and discussed how dangerous it was, etc. In addition, the Wuhan wet market apparently didn't sell bats. I certainly don't know the true origin of the virus, but I would caution that a "consensus" doesn't make a theory correct and being on the fringe doesn't make a theory wrong. I think the research lab in Wuhan that was collecting and studying corona viruses, playing around with them as part of their research, and getting called out for safety concerns right where the virus allegedly originated is worthy of some consideration. Time will tell.

GeneralTree Apr 24, 2020 01:20 PM
Thursday Update: 451 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

1) The probability of the virus jumping from animals to humans outside the lab is much higher than the virus infecting humans inside the lab
2) Yes, the Wuhan lab studied bat coronaviruses and SARS-related viruses. But there’s no evidence it discovered or was working on the new virus.
3) Scientists like to gossip about new viruses. There was no chatter before the outbreak about the virus that causes Covid-19.
4) The US military chief reviewed the evidence and says “the weight of evidence seems to indicate natural” origin

a-1587766614 Apr 24, 2020 03:16 PM
Thursday Update: 451 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Generaltree, nothing you are claiming has been proven. In fact, most inteligence sources are now refuting the claim it came from a market and not a lab. And if you want the CCP to give us the true facts, you are barking up your "wrong tree." There were no bats for sale at the Wuhan markets, wet or otherwise. But the lab a few blocks away WAS studying horseshoe bat viruses. A silly coincidence? I don't think so

macpuzl Apr 24, 2020 03:32 PM
Thursday Update: 451 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

3:16 PM - More fruitcake nonsense. Instead of sucking up drivel from social media cons, you should try more truthful sources, like virus scientists:

a-1587769744 Apr 24, 2020 04:09 PM
Thursday Update: 451 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Blackbar. "Truthful'? Look at the dates of your supposedly irrefutable sources. They are a month old. What is being reported now about the lab being the probable source in Wuhan has been published elsewhere in the past week and from outside Chinese propoganda news agencies. That very trustworty claim from "livescience" came from the CCG China news source: "Just today (April 18), the vice director of WIV Zhiming Yuan CGTN, the Chinese state broadcaster, said "there is no way this virus came from us." Sure, I believe everything China has been telling us -NOT. Certainly not implying anything, but some people really are suckers:)

macpuzl Apr 24, 2020 04:43 PM
Thursday Update: 451 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

There are, indeed, many suckers out there. The propaganda campaign against China to claim they engineered the virus relies on such a pool of credulous individuals. China's propaganda about the virus being released by the US Army is exactly the same thing. Fodder for the ignorant and nationalistic. While China did indeed cover up the initial stages of the pandemic, increasing its spread, it is ludicrous to believe it was engineered by anyone other than Batman.

a-1587773036 Apr 24, 2020 05:03 PM
Thursday Update: 451 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Irregardless or where this virus (Wuhan virus, covid-19, coronavirus, or whatever other names it goes by) came from, it's really causing a lot of people problems: health, emotional, psychological, and financial. So try to be kind to one another for a short time....then we can all go back to our regular lives. Go away covids!!

a-1587774031 Apr 24, 2020 05:20 PM
Thursday Update: 451 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

@5:03. The point of where it came from, whether lab or market, is the WHOLE point being made about it's origin. Do we continue to have a vast majority of our drugs, goods, food, etc. come from China and let them continue to control our economy, and the world's for that matter? And do we continue to allow our own companies to outsource our technologies and manufacturing to them. Viruses as deadly have been traced to them several times in the past, so do we just let them continue to do so? I would rather pay an extra $500 for my refrigerator if it was made here in the U.S. by our own workers and keep our money in OUR country than be held captive by the CCP. Let's be kind to our own people first and not corporations that support "free" trade with China and help support THEIR economy.

macpuzl Apr 24, 2020 09:28 PM
Thursday Update: 451 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

EastBeach Apr 25, 2020 12:59 PM
Thursday Update: 451 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Good read and site. I ended up donating after reading a few articles. To inform the public and public policy, we need more science-based facts. Not political posturing.

EastBeach Apr 25, 2020 02:07 PM
Thursday Update: 451 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

10:58 AM - Yes, the recently reported pathology related to blood clotting in relatively young and otherwise asymptomatic patients is very interesting but also disconcerting. A big question now is whether the clotting is caused by the virus itself or by our own immune system's response to the virus.

a-1587766298 Apr 24, 2020 03:11 PM
Thursday Update: 451 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases

@1:31: Please, who really cares about how many cases keep getting reported? Is this a contest? It will only confirm that the fatality rate is MUCH lower than originally projected and infection will spread no matter how much lockdown and detriment to our economy our governments order. A recent statement from a Swedish scientist stated, perhaps in reference to the herd practices there, "This virus, is going to do what it is going to do regardless of how we try to contain it." Gee, what a surprise. I think we had a President at one time during another crisis that stated "The only thing we have to fear is fear itself." I think I learned about him in third grade. Do you happen to remember his name?


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