Third Release of Rainbow Trout at Cachuma Lake

Third Release of Rainbow Trout at Cachuma Lake title=
Third Release of Rainbow Trout at Cachuma Lake
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Source: County of Santa Barbara

In cooperation with the California Department of Fish and Wildlife, Santa Barbara County Parks was granted a Private Stocking Permit for up to 16,000 pounds of triploid rainbow trout for 2020/2021. Two 4,000-pound deliveries arrived earlier this fall with the third making a splash on December 15, just in time for safe outdoor recreation over the holiday season.

NOTE: While visiting Cachuma Lake, please follow the rules and guidelines relating to COVID-19 posted throughout the park.

Support Santa Barbara County Parks by purchasing an Annual Pass, which makes a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer for the angler in your family. Skip the holiday ham this year and catch a trophy trout for your meal. Both nutritious and delicious, it won’t disappoint! And if you are in the park after dark, be sure to visit the Marina to see the annual floating holiday trees adorned with colorful lights.

Everything an angler needs is available for rent or purchase at the Cachuma Lake Marina and Boat Rentals, which also offers pontoons, outboards and kayak rentals, as well as one-day and annual fishing licenses. Fishing from shore in the recreation area or from a boat is open year-round with a valid fishing license.

For those who plan to bring their own boating vessels, note that due to the 30-day Quagga restrictions at the lake, boats must be inspected and tagged by Cachuma Lake staff at least 30 days prior to your visit. Cachuma Lake allows same-day launching for kayaks, canoes and “simple boats.” To review vessel requirements and launching protocols, please visit

Visitors are advised to check recreation area hours, and road and weather conditions in advance. For up-to-date fishing tips and summaries, check out the Cachuma Lake Weekly Fishing Report at For more information, contact the marina at (805) 688-4040.

Cachuma Lake Recreation Area is a full-service campground offering year-round cabin, yurt, RV and tent camping, recreational activities, nature programs for all ages and of course, rainbow trout fishing! For reservations and more information, visit

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Simpleton Dec 29, 2020 08:29 PM
Third Release of Rainbow Trout at Cachuma Lake

Friends went out today and said that almost everyone got skunked trolling or using rooster tails. Only guys that got anything used worms near shore. But it was beautiful with snow on the hills and a full moon. LOL. A bad day fishing is better than a good day working.

Ahchooo Dec 30, 2020 11:07 AM
Third Release of Rainbow Trout at Cachuma Lake

I recall that several years ago some official state agency decided to standardize and go with “Name Lake” instead of “Lake Name.” But historically it has varied. There’s an article on lake name etymology in —Freshwater Biology— “Lake Name or Name Lake? The etymology of lake nomenclature in the United States.” But it doesn’t discuss the specifics of recent changes in California.

PitMix Dec 30, 2020 07:15 AM
Third Release of Rainbow Trout at Cachuma Lake

Basic, you like this government program that takes your taxes and raises aquarium fish for you to pretend to catch like they were wild fish? I'm shocked. This seems like bread and circuses for the hoi polloi to me. All hail Caesar.

Sail380 Dec 30, 2020 09:43 AM
Third Release of Rainbow Trout at Cachuma Lake

Come on PITMIX. Educate us. How many $ come from taxes to fund this recreational activity? How much of the fish hatchery program is funded by fishing license sales?

PitMix Dec 30, 2020 01:54 PM
Third Release of Rainbow Trout at Cachuma Lake

Sail, it's not easy to find this info. That's why you're having me do it? Bass Angler mag says they are selling about 1,000,000 annual licenses a year at $51 per. About 1/2 of the F&W 500M budget comes from General Fund and Federal Grants (State and Federal Tax Dollars). My guess if that if the whole thing is being subsidized by 50%, it would be very unusual if the hatchery program was paying for itself. You don't mind using other people's taxes, right?

Sail380 Dec 30, 2020 05:37 PM
Third Release of Rainbow Trout at Cachuma Lake

Thanks for looking that up.. I know the basic info but not the exact breakdown. Fishing and Hunting license revenue helps support conservation efforts, Also to manage fish, wildlife and plant resources along with there habitats for the enjoyment of ALL. Its not only fish hatcheries for the hoi polloi. I don't mind taxes being spent wisely and I don't really mind my taxes going to parks and schools I don't use. Tonight, I think Ill have some Venison burgers from our beautiful back country!!

Basicinfo805 Dec 31, 2020 06:20 AM
Third Release of Rainbow Trout at Cachuma Lake

Actually Pit I don't support the planting concept in general. I fish a lot up there for bass, and just release all of what i catch. The bass naturally reproduce in the lake, unlike the trout. I do believe trout planting is funded through license sales largely. This year it's been great to have something like fishing at Cachuma to do, with so many other options shut down. I do think the trout planting program is a great way to get kids and families outside together, so I like that aspect of it. The lake has been very popular this year.

Z Dec 30, 2020 02:37 PM
Third Release of Rainbow Trout at Cachuma Lake

Aha! Fooled ya. These trout aren't part of a circus for the hoi polloi. The fish are food being provided to the eagles. A secret F&W program targeting the top of the food chain; people get a few, but it's really for the birds.

PitMix Dec 31, 2020 07:29 AM
Third Release of Rainbow Trout at Cachuma Lake

Do you think the birds would need the help if they weren't competing with us for non-DDT food and habitat? If we hadn't killed off the salmon run on the Santa Ynez river they probably would be doing just fine.

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