Third Lawsuit Filed Against UCSB Police Department

Third Lawsuit Filed Against UCSB Police Department title=
Third Lawsuit Filed Against UCSB Police Department
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By edhat staff

Three lawsuits have now been filed against the UC Police Department at UC Santa Barbara for the 2018-2019 school year, reports The Daily Nexus.

UC Police Department Lieutenant Mark Signa filed the first lawsuit in November 2018 against former Chief of Police Dustin Olson for allegedly denying the officer’s First Amendment rights, violating the California Whistleblower Protection Act and inflicting emotional distress.

Married couple and Officers Tiffany and Michael Little filed another case in early March claiming they were retaliated against by their superiors and co-workers after reporting violations and suspected illegal activity conducted by other officers. They are suing for violation of the California Whistleblower Protection Act and violation of the California Labor Code.

Another former UC Santa Barbara police officer filed the third suit against the UC Police Department on March 27 for violations of the California Whistleblower Protection Act, failure to take corrective action and emotional distress. The officer has been identified as Ryan Smith and is referred to as John Doe in the court filings, reports The Daily Nexus.

Smith was named in Tiffany and Michael Little's lawsuit for allegedly conducting several instances of misconduct.

In Smith's own lawsuit, he makes several serioua allegations against the Little's and former Chief of Police Dustin Olson, former Assistant Chief of Police Cathy Farley, Lieutenant David Millard, Lieutenant Mark Signa, Lieutenant Robert Romero, and Officer Ryan Hashimoto.

This lawsuit alleges that Smith was consistently retaliated against by fellow officers for bringing attention to concerning practices and behaviors within the UC Police department. Smith alleges his co-workers mocked UCSB Chancellor Henry T. Yang, fellow officers, and sexual assault and rape victims, as well as falsifying sexual assault reports and racial discrimination, reports The Daily Nexus.

The full lawsuit including specific allegations can be viewed here.


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Barriere Energy... Feb 05, 2020 02:33 PM
Third Lawsuit Filed Against UCSB Police Department

The University is now hiring! A quick scan of the staff jobs posting reveals that UCSB is hiring at least a dozen officers and trainees, several administrators, and at least one new Police Chief. the job for police Chief is advertised at a Salary range of $180,000 - $235,500. It sounds to me like systemic fraud has run rampant throughout the University of California infrastructure. Police chiefs do not make more money than the President of the USA. There is no legal justification to hire anyone to work any job for that price, let alone Chief of Police for a small university. I am outraged that the State of California has allowed this type of Systemic Abuse to ensue. I plan on makiung this information known to members of State and Federal Congress. This type of blatant abuse is indicative of the New UCSB, paid for by Exxon. As far as anyone can tell the situation is getting much worse by the day. Enrollment by domestic students has dropped, while admissios for international students have skyrocketed. it has become clear the Unitversity Authorities have no intention to prevent assaults, solve investigations, or pursue criminals for prosecution. The main purpose of the UCSB Police Department is to line the pockets of Good Ol' Boy Insiders, while ignoring community directives and alienating taxpayers (often with tasers). As a lifetimer Santa Barbarian I am more than casually concerned about the safety of students in our community. My fear here is that the Department is actually creating more crime than it has ever solved. One look at the barricade fencing used around Halloween and Deltopia and it becomes clear who profits by this cozy arrangement. Marborg and The Fence Factory have for years provided temporary fencing and crowd control propaganda. The County has been forced, at the request of UCSB, to spend over 40 Million USDs of Taxpayer Revenue to rent temporary fencing sine 2003. This money has gone directly to the pockets of these two local businesses investors. Instead of the Campus purchasing fence materials and setting it up themselves, and saving 29 million dollars over 17 years, these crooks have ditched the County Taxpayers with the bill. Foreshame.

PitMix May 13, 2019 11:05 AM
Third Lawsuit Filed Against UCSB Police Department

Amazing how these bureaucracies try to cover things up instead of fixing them. That means that strategy must work pretty well most of the time. Which means that lots of stuff like this is going on all of the time. Hard to know how to fix it because these people have now given up on having a career at the UC and are hoping they get enough $ from it so they don't have to work anymore.

a-1590869903 May 10, 2019 05:22 PM
Third Lawsuit Filed Against UCSB Police Department

Wow. These are some extremely serious allegations against a few detectives at UCPD. Some might well be criminal. Hope they get to the bottom of this and get rid of the bad apples.

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