Thief Caught on Camera Stealing Decor from Rose Cafe Patio

Suspects caught on camera stealing from Rose Cafe's patio on the Mesa (courtesy)

A group of men were caught on camera stealing from Rose Cafe’s patio in Santa Barbara’s Mesa neighborhood.

Around 2:00 a.m. Sunday, approximately four white men in their 20s were walking down the 1800 block of Cliff Drive. Surveillance footage captured one of the men entering the restaurant’s patio and walking off with an item.

“Wait wait wait.. my rooster,” one of the men can be heard saying in the video as he picks up a wooden lattic with a ceramic rooster attached and walks in the direction of Meigs Road.

The restaurant’s owner, Lalo Barajas, posted the video on social media.

“Does anyone recognize these guys? On Saturday night, around 2am, some of our property was stolen from our front patio area by some seemingly drunk young men. A ceramic rooster, a lattice, and some other objects were stolen,” he wrote.

Barajas stated he is giving the thieves a few days to return the items before a police report will be filed with footage of the suspects from his building and surrounding businesses.

“We have taken great pride in creating a welcoming and inviting patio area for all of our customers to enjoy and it is extremely disheartening to know that someone did this to us,” Barajas stated.

The video is available below:

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  1. BASIC – so you know these guys? If not, here’s a little tip: not every young man who walks along the Mesa at night is an SBCC student. Plenty from “your” school out there too. Also, plenty of non-students live there. Might even be, gasp, local high school students (there are parties on the Mesa where high school kids go). If fact, living near a school doesn’t necessarily mean you go to it. Heck, I live near Ellwood elementary and I don’t go there. Cool stuff to think about before assuming and belittling.

    • So whenever I see young people committing ate night drunken crimes in Goleta, they’re most likely UCSB students, right? If 20 somethings pull some drunk shenanigans in Montecito, they’re most likely Westmont students? Oh man…. here’s a conundrum! What if young adults commit drunken stupidity in downtown SB? Brooks students? Non-students? Tourists? I’ll leave that to the “educated guessers” here I suppose.

      To me though? They look and act high school aged. Now, what school????

  2. Not much in the video to help identify these people. IMO would have been better to go with the article alone and let them believe there was good info on the video. Property might have been returned if they believed they could be identified.

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