Therapy Dogs Visit SBA for Holiday Season

Santa Barbara Airport is proud to announce a new customer experience program for the holidays in partnership with Therapy Dogs of Santa Barbara.

Throughout November and December, passengers will be able to interact with trained therapy dogs at the SBA Terminal. Exact dates and times will vary, but passengers will be able to recognize the volunteers and therapy dogs by their purple branded Therapy Dogs of Santa Barbara outfits.

“We all know how stressful travel during this busy season can be. The staff at SBA are looking for creative and impactful community partnerships to help support our passengers as they fly and maintain that sense of ease we love at SBA. Having these specialized therapy dogs in the Terminal will do just that,” says Airport Director, Chris Hastert.

The mission of Therapy Dogs of Santa Barbara is to empower people to live more fulfilling lives through the human-animal bond. Their programming includes visits to schools and hospitals, mindfulness workshops for children, and innovative literacy programs. The presence of therapy dogs has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and elevate moods.

Therapy dog laying in grass with kids

“It’s amazing how much love and laughter our therapy dogs bring into our community. Through their soft gazes and gentle tail wags, they are sure to bring the spirit of the holidays to passengers they meet and help them arrive ready to enjoy wherever their destination takes them,” says Karen Lee Stevens, founder and Director of Wellness Programs.

Form more information about Therapy Dogs of Santa Barbara please visit or visit them on Facebook and Instagram.

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