Thank You to Good Samaritan Jeffrey

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By Happy Camper

My wife lost her driver's license on Hendry's Beach around sunset on New Years Eve. She took out her phone to capture the sunset and didn't realize she had lost her driver's license until we got home from the beach and it was dark. We figured with the tides, it was probably on its way to Hawaii or Japan. Or poisoning sea life.

On New Years day we came home from a walk and someone named Jeffrey (no last name, no email, no phone number) had left her driver's license wrapped in a piece of paper taped to our front door.

Thank you Jeffrey! May each of us do a good deed to someone this year, or even weekly!

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Luvaduck Jan 02, 2022 10:26 AM
Thank You to Good Samaritan Jeffrey

With all the stinkers out there, it's hard to remember how many good people are too. The trick is to not let the "trash" change your good behavior.

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