Temporary Parking Restrictions Near Miramar

Temporary Parking Restrictions Near Miramar title=
Temporary Parking Restrictions Near Miramar
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Source: Montecito Fire Department

Areas near the beaches within our Community have recently been experiencing increased vehicle traffic as well as vehicles parked along the roadside significantly impairing Fire Department access and community member egress.

Reduced Fire Department access and impaired community egress put our community at risk as it delays our ability to respond to an emergency and negatively impacts our community member's ability to evacuate. At the request of Montecito Fire, the Santa Barbara County Roads Commissioner has agreed to temporarily limit parking to one side of the street on Miramar Avenue and Humphrey’s Road.

The Road Commissioner’s office will be placing no parking signs on the Northside of the 100 blocks of both Humphrey Road and Miramar Avenue restricting parking on Fridays through Sundays. This temporary parking regulation will go into effect beginning Friday, August 21, 2020, and will be enforced by the Sheriff’s Department through the issuance of parking citations.

We sincerely appreciate the community’s assistance on this matter as your Fire Department strives to ensure reasonable access so that we can provide efficient and effective emergency response to all community members in their time of need.

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vvorker Aug 20, 2020 04:40 PM
Temporary Parking Restrictions Near Miramar

Bravo, methinks it is the Rosewood staff that has made it a mess down yonder, But ye recalls that was a local concern voiced here on the hat, many moons ago. Just wait till the 101 3rd lane gets under way there, it will be 10x worse ...not to mention traffic backed up to Goleta daily!!

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