TechEase Brings Back MacMechanic

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TechEase Brings Back MacMechanic
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MacMechanic is back after local company TechEase acquired iMechanics and re-established its namesake. 

Santa Barbara-based TechEase Computer Solutions took over iMechanics’ Mac repair operations on May 12, bringing on five more Apple product experts to their tech support team.

MacMechanics was founded by Mike Bishop in 1998 as one of the first technical support locations in the area for Mac products, well before the Apple store arrived on State Street. Bishop then sold the business to Shane Williams in 2013 as the company transitioned to MacSuperstore, then that was sold to Abe Schryer and James Budow, who renamed it iMechanics.

According to TechEase, the technical staff will remain as they work in partnership with the re-formed MacMechanics. “This deal further strengthens our expertise in supporting Apple products with a team that’s known for great customer service,” TechEase co-owner Evan Asher said. “MacMechanic has long been a trusted name in town, and this team is the reason.” 

This is TechEase’s third acquisition since founded in 2003 by co-owners Asher and David Robin. The company acquired Nerds to the Rescue in 2013 and Mick’s Macs in 2016. Mick’s Macs, which operates within TechEase specializing in Apple products, has combined with the team from iMechanics under the MacMechanic brand. 

The iMechanics group will vacate their Gutierrez Street offices and operate from the TechEase headquarters at 3433 State Street, beginning August 28.

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a-1502584799 Aug 12, 2017 05:39 PM
TechEase Brings Back MacMechanic

Never used MacMechanic and I've never heard of iMechanics. However, I was VERY happy with the service I received from Mick's Macs. So who in heck do I ask for the next time I bring in my laptop?

techease Aug 14, 2017 10:18 AM
TechEase Brings Back MacMechanic

ICANREADCANYOU: There are no Apple-authorized shops in Santa Barbara, however we are the same techs that worked in the shop when we were Apple-authorized! We still provide the same level of expertise and we can actually offer a lot more movey-saving options for our customers now.

A-1502729753: The Mick's Macs staff is still here too! Feel free to ask for Joe specifically the next time you have a Mac issue.

A-1502729753: There was a time when turnaround at MacMechanic was 1-2 weeks! Now that we have augmented our resources, we are offering same and next day service on most jobs.

icanreadcanyou Aug 12, 2017 06:39 PM
TechEase Brings Back MacMechanic

It means there is no Apple-authorized repair service in Santa Barbara anymore. Please tell me I'm wrong.

a-1502632048 Aug 13, 2017 06:47 AM
TechEase Brings Back MacMechanic

Mac Mechanic was very good but sometimes slow, they had a lot of business. Glad they're still around in some form.

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