Suspicious Activity on State Street

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I was walking North on State Street in Santa Barbara at approximately 11:45 a.m. on September 11th with my wife, her sister and her significant other. I noticed a Hispanic man dressed in a long sleeve blue and black flannel. This stood out to me being it was very hot that day. He was pushing a light blue road bike with a reusable grocery bag attached to the left handlebar. He placed it next to a bike rack and did not lock it, then proceeded to walk away but repeatedly looked back checking on it. 

He got to the next block and stood on the corner and turned back to keep his watch on the bike. A few minutes pass and I see a white guy in his mid 20's wearing a backpack walk up to the bike and start looking it over. He then casually stood it up and walked it down the alley past The Habit. The Hispanic guy then turned around and quickly walked away heading north on State St. I realized at that time it was a drop. 

We continue to walk up State Street after that and go about our day. A couple blocks up as we were about to walk into a clothing store I see a very similar blue road bike with the same type of bag attached to the left handlebar leaning up against the wall in the door entry of the store. This was not the exact bike I saw the first time, but much too similar setup. I then saw the exact same Hispanic guy in the flannel walk by me and proceed approximately 20- 30 ft and stood post against the wall and turned to watch the bike. 

I quickly just reacted given the situation and proceeded towards the bike like I was going to enter the store. I can't really tell you my thought process but I went to take the bag. As I leaned in to grab it I realized it was tightly tied around the bar and it would not have come off that easily. I then just turned around towards the street and crossed my arms over my chest standing tall as in a way to claim the bike. Not sure why I did this or what I was going to do next but a few seconds later I see another Hispanic guy walking towards me on the sidewalk eyeballing back and forth giving not so pleasant of looks. He was pissed off and noticeably on edge. He stared at me as he passed directly in front of me and walked towards the other guy standing against the wall and waved hand signal towards him. Then blue/black flannel guy came to where I was and stood to my right. We are now both facing the street just standing there and it's obviously an awkward confrontation or standoff was happening. 

Now I'm noticing across the street that there's another guy watching us and that's when I started to feel somewhat uneasy. Sometime during these moments as I glanced at the guy standing next to me, he put his hand to his hip and patted it fully intending to show me that he was armed. I was very unsure in what to do at that moment being that I was with my wife and her sister, and there were tons of people around us. I picked my phone up and pretended to be talking to someone and told them I'm waiting and here is the address of where I'm at.

Just after that a girl rushes out of the store seeming a little irate about something and grabs the bike. I said the first thing that came to my mind and that was, "you shouldn’t take this bike; the police are on their way!" As soon as I said that, police or ambulance sirens sounded right around the corner. The girl jumped on the seat and rode off really fast and guy standing next to me walked off about as fast paced as you can without running.

The sirens were just a lucky coincidence somehow, but I feel like that got me out of the situation. The bags that were on the handlebars looked pretty full and heavy the way they swung. The guy's backpack was large and the way it draped off his shoulder, it seemed to have weight. I did call the police and they said they would send someone when they were available and as far as I know they did not come. I called back and told him I had photos of this person and the girl and they said for me to go to the SBPD website and upload the photos under suspicious circumstances, I saw a couple of Red Shirts walking by and told them what I saw. They said they actually did see that bike and did see the girl ride by them in a huge hurry but they didn't really think anything of it. To me this is a pretty big operation as that's a lot of trouble to go through. They wanted to do the drops in daylight and in public and not have any contact with each other. Those bags were too heavy to be nothing. I know what coincidences are and what I saw wasn't just a coincidence. 

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3P14159 Oct 28, 2021 11:52 AM
Suspicious Activity on State Street

i wish more people were as observant and diligent as yourself.

sounds like law enforcement really missed an opportunity. hope they are listening.

ZeroHawk Oct 28, 2021 12:24 PM
Suspicious Activity on State Street

um...yeah that's pretty dangerous and stupid at best. are you an armed or if not armed, trained law enforcement officer or former military with training? If no, and you aren't Superman either, doing things like this can get you, or your loved ones in serious trouble. Report it and move's not your business nor concern. They saw you, they saw who you were with. That initself is bad news for you. You don't know what these guys are capable of nor do you know who they are tied to. Observing is one thing, but getting this involved isn't wise. Consulte with the SBPD regarding what you saw.

Cadillackid Oct 28, 2021 12:47 PM
Suspicious Activity on State Street

You my friend are one stupid person, sorry to be brutally honest but you could’ve got yourself hurt, who knows they might have pictures of you too now? I’d stay away from stuff like this and go about my day because criminals have a way of doing things and this is not a good situation to be in your case, good luck man

sfgac055 Oct 28, 2021 12:48 PM
Suspicious Activity on State Street

Yikes .... Interesting! I wouldn't recommend anybody else inserting themselves into the operation as this person did though... Super dangerous.

forrealnews Oct 28, 2021 06:22 PM
Suspicious Activity on State Street

So good that you are aware of suspicious circumstances and report them. Video taping is far better to do and in a way that they don't know. Don't ever let them see you and see you potentially knowing that something is going on. If they track you down, you can have others in your family harmed. Not only can you recognize them, they can now recognize you. If someone gets caught by the police and they suspect you, you are now in danger.

Gregoreo Oct 28, 2021 06:48 PM
Suspicious Activity on State Street

One time I saw some suspicious activity, a guy doing a drop. I waited for the coast to be clear and did some detective work, and it turns out it was that geocaching game.

Byzantium Oct 28, 2021 06:52 PM
Suspicious Activity on State Street

No wonder there are so many stolen bike reports lately. The pitch them and ditch them. Always need new ones for the next drops. Just like Evinrude engines on pangas.

3P14159 Oct 29, 2021 05:16 AM
Suspicious Activity on State Street

well - all of the subsequent comments are certainly true. insertion of oneself into any situation is seldom the best option. but neither is ignoring the situation altogether - which is most often what happens.

that's why god invented ipohones.

a-1635545072 Oct 29, 2021 03:04 PM
Suspicious Activity on State Street

What does that make you, mesoknitty? "I want - no, need! to feel special so I will insert my worthless two cent opinion here in this forum so I can feel good about myself". Ah yes, love seeing the Edhat comment section devolving day by day. Seems the OP did a lot more than you can say for yourself bud ; )

Lucky 777 Oct 29, 2021 11:43 AM
Suspicious Activity on State Street

My business was on the 400 block of Haley Street across from the old Las Conchas bar for many years. For contraband it was an obvious open air market for drugs, and there were numerous transvestite drug addicts soliciting for prostitution. The system was extremely obvious, with the purchasers driving up, handing over cash to the guy (usually an underage boy on a bicycle) who would go off and get the drugs, and then the packet was placed in a chink in the wall. The buyer would get out of their car, walk over and get it, and drive off. Once I knew what I was seeing I saw it all day and up until the bar closed at night. The police knew what was going on. Obviously. Since the bar closed the criminals just changed their methods. With open borders allowing massive amounts of drugs to come in and poison our society, and impunity for offenders, it will only get worse.

SantaBarbaraObserver Oct 29, 2021 11:52 AM
Suspicious Activity on State Street

If by "open borders" you mean trade (trucking, shipping, transport). Than yes. NAFTA was a boon to businesses of all persuasions.

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